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Vote This Bird Com 2023: Check Details On Votethisbird & Votethis bird!

This article informs the readers about Vote This Bird com 2023 with all the brief information about it.

Did you vote for your favorite Bird? The recent Bird of the Century competition is going viral all over the internet. People from the United States and other countries are very excited about this competition and its results. If you want to know what Vote This Bird com 2023, then follow this article till the last to get all the wind.

What is Vote This Bird com 2023?

Currently, New Zealand is doing a Bird of the Century competition which they do to promote birds that are not commonly looked upon. Everything was going smoothly until John Oliver, in his show titled” Last Week Tonight with Oliver,” introduced a new bird in the competition named pūteketeke. Oliver is vouching for this Bird and created a whole campaign so that people can vote for it and make it the Bird of the century.

What can people do on Votethis

As Oliver now has his own choice of Bird in the competition, he is promoting the Bird to his will. is a website where people can go and vote for Oliver’s pūteketeke Bird. On the website, the illustration of the Bird is Oliver. 

The Bird is sitting in Oliver’s chair with the show title” Best Beak Tonight with pūteketeke,” holding a sign in his hand quoting “Vote for me ” the big voting button below the page.

Past of the Votethis Competition

Oliver is inspired by the history of the New Zealand Bird of the Century competition, where, in the past few years, there has been fraud in voting. Things went south when the winner of 2008 and 2020, Kakapo, a Parrot, got disqualified in the year 2021 as they were trying to highlight less well-known birds. 

As a result, Bat won the competition, but Oliver was against the decision, so this year, he brought his own Bird of choice.

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Why did Oliver choose pūteketeke for Votethisbird com 

Oliver said he chose the pūteketeke Bird because of its unique name and how fun it is to say its name. He also explained about their behavior and how they act in different situations. He added that pūteketeke is an endangered species and is on the verge of extinction. 

So, this was the best time to give attention to this Bird and make it a winner of this Bird of the Century competition. And he has told people to go vote for this Bird on

Promotion of Votethisbird com

After digging in deeply about the competition, Oliver discovers that many people use the birds in the competition for their business. People make different objects, from merchandise to other adult products, to promote the Bird so that people vote for the Bird. 

He also found out that not only the New Zealand people but people from different countries are also voting for the Bird and promoting their campaign for their favorite Bird.

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John Oliver’s global campaign to vote Pūteketeke for Bird of the Century
byu/StretchRhys innewzealand


Votethis has opened, and people can visit this website to vote for Oliver’s choice of Bird. Oliver is rooting for pūteketeke to win this competition.

Do you think pūteketeke will win the competition? Comment down your thoughts on this competition and pūteketeke.

Disclaimer- We do not try to mislead any individual. We are not against any competition or any bird candidate. This article is for informational purposes without spreading any hate to any individual.

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