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Vis To PHP {Jan 2022} Contract Address, How To Buy?

We bring you all the facts related to the in-game utility and uncapped currency of Pegaxy. Read about Vis to PHP below.

Are you interested in investing in an in-game utility currency? Are you good at playing games and getting upgrades? Are you good at bargaining in the game marketplace to buy and sell items you own? Then the Pegaxy game may be suitable for you. 

The Pegaxy game consists of VIS tokens trending in the Philippines crypto market. The value of 1 US$ = 51.32 Peso as of writing. Let us check on the value and market of Vis to PHP.

What is VIS?

VIS is also known as Vigorus. VIS is an uncapped utility token in Pegaxy. Pegaxy is a horse racing game. Pegaxy has two native tokens. PXG, also known as Pegaxy Stones, is the primary governance token, and VIS is the secondary utility token. 

Pegaxy project was launched on 06th November 2021. VIS is can only be earned by proof of work.

How does VIS work?

  • You need to play Pegaxy to earn VIS
  • There are eleven horse races, and you need to compete and reach the top three races for receiving Vis to PHP
  • You can earn by:
  1. Purchasing in-game consumables
  2. Staking community treasures
  3. Via in-game breeding fee
  4. Trading at the in-game marketplace and 
  5. By achieving top three placement in the horse race


Corey Wilton, Steve Nguyen, and Ken Pham are the founders of the Pegaxy project and its native tokens, the PXG and VIS.

Corey Wilton holds rich experience in marketing and customer service. He supervises branding, marketing, and customer support for the Pegaxy project.

Steve Nguyen holds experience in blockchain programming and the gaming field. He is also a Chief Technology Office at Appota

Ken Pham has more than ten years of experience as a Business Establishment Consultant and team builder. 

Vis to PHP Price stats:

  • In BTC– 0.000001431, ↑41.74%
  • In ETH– 0.00001856, ↑40.85%
  • Vigorus Price– ₱3.17
  • Price Change 24h– ₱1.03, ↑47.96%

Vigorus Price Yesterday:

  • Yesterday’s Low/High– ₱2.01/₱3.10
  • Yesterday’s Open/Close– ₱2.35/₱2.74
  • Yesterday’s Change– ↑16.21%
  • Yesterday’s Volume– ₱172,473,832.27

Vigorus Price History:

  • 24h Low/24h High– ₱2.01/₱3.23
  • 7d Low/7d High– ₱1.71/₱3.23
  • 30d Low/30d High– ₱1.28/₱4.18
  • 90d Low/90d Hig– ₱1.28/₱8.90
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High– ₱1.28/₱8.90
  • All-Time High– 8th December 2021, a month ago at ₱8.90, ↓63.93%
  • All Time Low– 30th December 2021, 16 days ago at ₱1.28, ↑151.26%

Vigorus Market:

  • Trading Volume 24h– ₱242,040,381.18, ↑256.21%
  • Market Dominance– No Data
  • Vis to PHP Market Rank # 2936

Vigorus Supply:

  • Circulating Supply– No Data
  • Total Supply– No Data
  • Max Supply– No Data

Price predictions at the end of each year for VIS:

  • 2022– Minimum ₱3.3358, Average ₱3.48976, Maximum ₱3.90032
  • 2023– Minimum ₱5.02936, Average ₱5.132, Maximum ₱5.6452
  • 2024– Minimum ₱7.1848, Average ₱7.698, Maximum ₱8.7244
  • 2025– Minimum ₱10.7772, Average ₱11.2904, Maximum ₱12.83
  • 2026– Minimum ₱15.396, Average ₱15.396, Maximum ₱18.9884
  • 2027– Minimum ₱22.5808, Average ₱23.6072, Maximum ₱26.1732
  • 2028– Minimum ₱32.8448, Average ₱34.3844, Maximum ₱39.0032
  • 2029– Minimum ₱48.754, Average ₱50.8068, Maximum ₱57.4784
  • 2030– Minimum ₱73.3876, Average ₱75.9536, Maximum ₱83.6516
  • Vis to PHP in 2031– Minimum ₱106.2324, Average ₱109.3116, Maximum ₱127.2736


  1. What is the official contract address to buy VIS?

Ans. The official contract address is 0xcC1B9517460D8aE86fe576f614d091fCa65a28Fc.

How to buy VIS?

  • Register on Fiat exchange and buy BTC
  • You need to deposit BTC in AltCoin Exchange
  • Trade BTC for VIS


VIS is a newly launched currency with the launch of the Pegaxy Project. The VIS has a good initial value in the NFT market compared to other NFTs launched at a very low value. As a new NFT, we suggest waiting for some more time to check Vis to PHP market trend. We also recommend you to Know About Best Crypto For Investment.

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