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[Latest Link] Viral Scandal November 2022: What Is New Viral Cemetery Scandal, And Check Full Details On Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery!

If you are unaware of the new Viral Scandal November 2022, read facts and learn about the links that are circulating on the internet through this post.

Are you eager to know about the viral scandals going back-to-back? Do you know what is there in the video? A recent video of a Philippines boy and girl getting trending everywhere. Before that, we also witnessed a teacher and student scandal.

What is there in Viral Scandal November 2022? Who is responsible for such leaked images and videos? We will explore the detailed news on this scandal through this post.


What is the latest news?

After the leaked images and video of Volleyball girls, there are New Viral trending these days. Video is now the most talking thing on the internet, and people want to collect as much information as possible. In the video, we can see teen/school-going kids involved in intimate activity, which is not giving a correct message to their age group.

What is there in Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery?

The video, which is getting popular, was shared on social media on 3rd November 2022. Now the video is shared on every platform, including YouTube and torrents. In the video, we can see two teens, one boy and a girl, sitting in a cemetery.

The boy started recording a video from his mobile, and we could clearly see graves in the background. Both boys and girls are wearing the locket. He is seen wearing a white with a red striped t-shirt and half pants. At the same time, a girl is seen wearing a white colour top and grey colour bottom and her ID card.   

After watching Cemetery Scandal, we can say that they are both school-going kids from the same school.

Some facts on the Cemetery Pinay video:

  • From the video available for everyone, we can say they are students.
  • In the full video, we can see that they are recording video from the cemetery.
  • Both are involved in a romantic relationship.
  • Later we can see they are both involved in intimate activities and performing grown-up acts.
  • The place where they have decided to do such activity is a cemetery.
  • Their faces are clearly visible in the New Viral Cemetery video.

Where can you find the link to the video?

As the video is viral all over the internet, you can find many links circulating in the name of the cemetery video. However, not every link is a trusted one.

The video is rated for 18 plus age group, and due to the sensitivity of the matter, the original video is no more available on the web. But some people circulate links in the name of the cemetery video.

The video is either cropped video or an edited one. Moreover, many other Viral Scandal November 2022 links contain irrelevant information, such as advertisements and promotion of their own website.

DISCLAIMER: We never support or promote such type of videos. We are just providing information based on the search ability of our readers in this article.  


An unedited cropped video of a teen is available on the internet, and people want to know more about it. Since the original video is no longer available, we cannot provide the full video link. You can follow one YouTube video to watch the cropped video.

Did you find the information that you were looking for related to Pinay cemetery? Let us know more in the comment section about it.

Viral Scandal November 2022- FAQs

Q1. When is the video uploaded on the internet?

The video is uploaded on the internet in the earlier days of November.

Q2. What is the location where the video is recorded?

The video background suggests it is taken in the graveyard.

Q3. Who recorded the video?

In the video, there are two teens; among them, the boy recorded the video.

Q4. Is the full video content available?

No, the original full video is removed from the internet. However, multiple links are circulating claiming to provide full video, but none are genuine.

Q5. What is there in the Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery video?

In the video, two teens are romantically connected to each other and performing grown-up activities in the graveyard.

Q6. Do we know who is there in the video?

As the video was uploaded as it is, the face is visible in the video, but we cannot reveal the identity of these both.

Q7. What do people have to say about this video?

People eagerly search the viral trend and want to know more about them. However, many are shocked about the place they have chosen for such activities.

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