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{Full Watch} Viral L&d Nurse Tiktok: Check What Is In The Viral Video On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, And Instagram

This blog states all the details of the Viral L&D Nurse TikTok and further details on the statements made by Emory Healthcare. Follow our blog to know more.

Have you noticed the ongoing Atlanta nurse viral video? Do you know why the Atlanta nurses were fired for making such video? If not, here we are to provide you with all the details. The Atlanta nurse was fired after making a Tiktok video. This has been among the most trending video in the United States.

In this article, we will focus on all the information on the Viral L&D Nurse TikTok. For more details read the blog below.


Atlanta Nurse and labor viral Tiktok video:



The viral Tiktok video of the Atlanta nurse went circulating throughout the internet. After the video was noticed most of the labors and nurse of the Hospital was fired. As per the reports, the viral video shows a group of delivery nurses and labor of the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta participated in the “ick” Tiktok trend. The nurses in their Emory university scrubs made a Tiktok video in which they took turns to discuss about their most disliked request made by the patients of the Hospital. People were seen reacting to the Tiktok Video Viral On Twitter.

The nurses in that Tiktok video were seen dubbing their complaints that gave them “ick.” The “ick” trend is a popular Tiktok trend in which people discuss about those things that makes them feel embarrassed. Once the video went viral the group of nurses and labor are facing backlashes from people for mocking at patients request. The nurses along with the labor were soon fired from the Emory University Hospital.

Why Atlanta delivery Nurse and Labor receiving backlashes?

The Emory Hospital nurses recently made a Tiktok video in their University scrubs that went viral on many online webpage including Reddit. The video showed the delivery nurses participated in a “ick” trend in which they discussed about the most annoying the moms and families asks for. 

Among them one nurse stated her ick is when the patient comes for induction and asks for eating and shower. Another nurse stated her ick is when she was asked how much was the weight of the baby. At the same time, the nurses took turns to discuss their ick. The video started receiving backlashes after it went circulating throughout the internet for disrespecting the patient’s requests. The video was soon removed from the internet on receiving such backlashes but is still trending on Telegram and other social platforms.

Reactions from Emory University Hospital on the viral video:

The ongoing viral Tiktok video of the Emory delivery nurses and labor have been receiving backlashes for their disrespectful behavior complaints towards patients. On noticing the viral video, the Emory healthcare did come up with a statement on 8th December 2022.

They stated through Instagram that they have noticed the viral video of Emory nurses and labor. They have taken proper action against the delivery nurses and labor who were responsible for making those videos. The statement was made through Instagram.

Summing up:

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Viral L&D Nurse TikTok:  FAQ

Q1. Who were there in the viral Emory nurse video?

Answer: Emory Hospital Nurses and Labor

Q2. What was shown in the viral Emory nurse video?

Answer: Nurses telling about their dislikes relating to moms and families

Q3. What was the trend in which the nurse participated?

Answer: Ick Trend

Q4. What is “ick” trend?

Answer: Telling about your dislikes 

Q5. Did the Emory nurse Tiktok video received backlashes from public?

Answer: Yes

Q6. Did the Emory Healthcare give statement on the viral video?

Answer: Yes

Q7. Where did Emory Healthcare made the statement on the viral video?

Answer: Instagram  

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