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Viol Tourcoing Twitter: Is Samet Video On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

This research on Viol Tourcoing Twitter will update you about the Samet video viral on Youtube, Tiktok, and Telegram. Please read the information below.

Who is Samet and which video is trending on the internet? The online sites are filled with the latest video Viol Tourcoing Twitter. This footage has been gaining widespread attention in France as it involved a minor girl. Many people were aggressive after the video went viral on the social media platform. Kindly get all the updates on the same here. 

About Viol Tourcoing Twitter

As per online sources, a video is trending online in which a minor girl can be seen tortured by another minor man in an isolated place that was assumed to be a factory. The video went viral on Twitter. 

Samet Tourcoing Video

A video emerging from Tourcoing (North) showed a man, Samet who can be seen torturing a minor girl. She begged him to let her go. The video was posted on Telegram and there was another video in which the minor man who tortured the girl was seen hitten by another man who might be his elder brother. He kept on hitting him for being immoral to a girl. The video gained the attention of the people.

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Video Samet Tourcoing: His Father’s Video! 

As per sources, another video that was surfacing on the internet revealed that a man was hitten by some people and people assumed that the man was Samet’s father who was hitten for the wrongdoings of his son. The video surfaced on Instagram along with some other popular social media platforms. It was a disheartening incident that a father had to suffer a lot of pain due to Video Samet Tourcoing

Some people are quite confused about the three different videos. The first emerged when the boy tortured the girl while the same man who tortured the girl was hitten by his elder brother. Whereas in the last Samet Tourcoing Video people assumed that it was his father who was stopped and hitten by some locals. 

Is the video available on Reddit

All the videos that are trending along with the keyword in Tourcoing were available on several social media sites including Reddit. People can even find the video of the minor man assaulting the minor girl on other social media platforms such as Tiktok and Twitter. The short clips can be found on the online platforms. 

The sites have not shared the complete video of the physical torture by the man on online sites like Youtube as they maintain quality standards and cannot share any explicit or uncensored content on platforms like Youtube

Who filmed the Video? 

The torture video was forcefully filmed by another person. It was possible that another man could be involved in the Tiktok viral video. Some claims were also available which state that this video was first posted on Snapchat and then went viral on Telegram and other sites.


Wrapping up this research, we gave all the fruitful information on the viral video of physical torture with a girl in Tourcoing by young men. The incident was shocking and everyone showed their aggression through the internet on the incident.

Did you find the video on Instagram? Kindly comment on your views. 

DISCLAIMER: The video has been shared on multiple online sites, but we cannot share the link because it shows inhumane acts towards a girl. Kindly consider this research only for educational purposes.

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