Top Top 5 VIN Decoders to Lookup VIN Number for Free

Top 5 VIN Decoders to Lookup VIN Number for Free

There are several things to consider when you decide to purchase a used vehicle. Among them, the most essential thing is to make sure it’s in good shape and has all of the necessary safety features. You must then find a way to prove and validate the vehicle ownership. This is where VIN comes in.

VIN is a unique series of numbers and letters linked to a vehicle. This 17-digit number reveals nearly everything about the vehicle’s history and attributes. It reveals the vehicle history report including warranty claims, sales data, theft involvement, current value, etc.

VIN is not only useful when you buy a used car, you can use it for tracking a new vehicle’s make date, get important information about your car, and so much more. Performing a VIN lookup is a good way to do this, and the easiest method of doing this is using a tool. There are so many tools available that offer free VIN lookup, but we want to save your time by providing you with the best five VIN lookup tools that are free to use.


VINNumberLookup is a well-known online-based VIN decoding tool anybody can use from any location. The platform uses a cross-border car history database to provide users with free and quick VIN lookups. The reports are obtained from reputable sources such as government institutions, licensed auction houses, towing companies, etc.

Reports generated from VIN decoder with VIN Number Lookup are complete, and have information about the vehicle’s manufacturer, model, registration, theft histories, safety recalls, and much more. VINNumberLookup provides users with a one-stop solution for all vehicle history reports.

VINNumberLookup also offers a free license plate search, which could be helpful when buying a secondhand vehicle, visit this page for more details. It enables you to keep track of important information such as the vehicle’s accident records, repossession records, maintenance history, insurance records, etc.

VINNumberLookup Pros

  • VINNumberLookup is free to use; there are no hidden costs or sign-up obligations.
  • It’s simple to use and allows users to check for the vehicle history report in just two steps.
  • It provides accurate information since it gathers data from trustworthy public sources such as licensed auction houses.
  • VINNumberLookup gives an extremely detailed result, containing a wealth of information from numerous sources.
  • It helps customers locate all the information they need in one spot, such as hidden defects, odometer readings, theft, etc.

VINNumberLookup Cons

  • It is new in the market, and certain minor details regarding the car may be missing from the report.
  • There is no specialized VIN search tool for Mercedes.


VinPit is an excellent tool

VinPit is an excellent tool for VIN decoding, VIN checks, vehicle history reports, and license plate search. It also includes detailed information on the assembly factory, repairs history, VIN validity, ownership checks, unreported damages, and criminal history.

Furthermore, VinPit gives legitimate data to auto dealers to attract buyers. Buyers can also investigate concealed faults and be alerted if there is fraud. Finally, by enabling car inspection and giving current market value, this website benefits both the buyer and the seller.

Vinpit Pros

  • The tool is well-known for maintaining up-to-date and massive amounts of information in its database. To give enough information, it links to numerous public record databases.
  • It raises used automobile market pricing and makes people aware of the true state of the market.
  • The number of facts included in each report offers excellent value for money.

Vinpit Cons

  • Compared to other tools on the market, it is new in providing VIN lookup services to users.
  • It does not indicate how well the car was maintained in the past.


VINCheckFree analyzes

VINCheckFree analyzes the vehicle’s VIN to obtain reliable information about any car. They are well-known for providing reports obtained from reliable databases such as service stations, police records, and insurance firms.

Their detailed report includes essential information such as the car’s engine, production location, automotive platform, etc. It also provides you with the vehicle’s accident history, which includes a list of every big and small accident the vehicle has been involved in and the damage it has sustained.

You will also receive a safety evaluation from them, indicating whether or not the vehicle is still safe to drive. Finally, you will be given the car’s market worth based on its whole record and history.

VinCheckFree Pros 

  • The website is straightforward to use, with minimal extras.
  • Their decoders are compatible with practically all automobile manufacturers worldwide.

VinCheckFree Cons

  • Even if most of the information is correct, they cannot guarantee it.


CarFax is among the finest VIN decoders available. This website thoroughly explains used automobiles acquired in Canada and the United States since 1981. Its data is a collection of over 100,000 outlets from car authorities in the United States and Canada.

Despite having a detailed list of data, it does not have a thorough report since it has limited access to enroll in unreported automobile damages. Furthermore, because the report may be modified to list facts, it is susceptible to being influenced by buyers or sellers.

CarFax Pros 

  • The website is completely free and simple to use.
  • The VIN decoder reveals how many owners the car has had, where it was registered, documented accident details, and so on.

CarFax Cons

  • The report does not include all of the accidents or damages.


Another excellent free VIN decoder website is AutoCheck. It contains information on approximately 500 million automobiles from the National Vehicle Database. With AutoCheck, you can decide on the perfect vehicle to purchase since it compares the attributes of two possible automobiles on a scale of 1 to 100.

The ranking results are calculated using mile, accident history, vehicle type, and year of production. When a vehicle’s VIN is examined, this website automatically rates it. It does not provide car servicing and maintenance information.

AutoCheck Pros

  • The website is simple and easy to use.
  • AutoCheck features a scoring tool that compares vehicles.

AutoCheck Cons

  • The report does not include routine maintenance.


A VIN check provides potential vehicle purchasers access to a complete report on their preferred vehicle. With a free VIN number lookup, the chances of purchasing a damaged vehicle or one obtained via shady means are relatively minimal. This best free VIN decoder article thoroughly discusses five options, with VINNumberLookup standing out as the best platform. Simply go to the VINNumberLookup website, check your VIN, buy your vehicle, and have an incredible driving experience.

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