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Viktor Bout Reddit: Was Exchange Deal Done? Is He Sentence Imprison For Citizen’s Death? Find Trending Twitter Update! Know About His Wife, Nickname & Net Worth!

Viktor Bout Reddit post has details of an arms dealer released in a recent swap deal between America and Russia.

Do you know the details of the prisoner swap deal between Russia and America? Are you searching for facts on a Russian prisoner popularly known as the “merchant of death”? Netizens in Canada and the United States were seen discussing Viktor Bout on social media sites.

Social media users in the United Kingdom also discussed the merit of freeing notorious criminals for citizens. Viktor Bout Reddit has details on this swap story and gun dealer Bout.

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Viktor Bout freed in Prisoner Swap Deal:

Viktor Bout was a Russian arms dealer and translator for the Soviet Union military before its collapse. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Bout started smuggling arms from Eastern Europe into Africa and the Middle East. 

In a secret deal with Russian authority America swapped Viktor Bout for basketball player Brittney Griner. 

Viktor Bout Wiki, Nickname, Age, Bio:

Name  Viktor Anatolyevich Bout
Famous as  Viktor Bout
Gender  Male
Date of Birth 13th January 1967
Age  55 years
Profession  Military translator and Arms dealer
Nationality  Russian
Height  180 cm
Other Names  Merchant of Death, Sanctions Buster
Place of Birth Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Religion Not known
Mother  Raisa Bout
Sibling  1
Weight  80 kg
Father  Not known
Marital status  Married
Kids  1

Viktor Bout Family/Wife:

According to media reports, Bout was an ethnic Ukrainian citizen but, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, became Russian. Bout’s mother’s name is Raisa Bout, but not much is known about his father. 

He is married to Alla Bout and has a daughter named Elizaveta Bout. As Bout kept moving between countries it was difficult to get exact information on him.

Viktor Bout Net Worth:

Bout got the weapons from developed countries like Australia and Germany and supplied them to different warlords in Africa and Asia. He kept changing his company name, which made it difficult for the agency to frame him. 

Arms supplied by Bout ranged from guns and rocket launchers to surface-to-air missiles. All these illegal and smuggling activities allowed him to amass a wealth of around $50 million.

Prisoner Exchange Deal:

Russian authority always backed Viktor and was against his extradition to America. The negotiation for the swap deal was finalized in June in which Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan were to be swapped for Viktor Bout.

The swap occurred in the United Arab Emirates, where a plane from Washington and Moscow landed with both prisoners. Paul was not released by Russian authorities and is serving his Sentence of 16 years in a Russian prison.

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Final Verdict:

The American authority has welcomed the release of basketball star Brittney Griner, but some experts fear this will send the wrong signal, and US citizens may be used as a commodity in the future.

Is a swap deal of a basketball player for an arms trader fair? Please comment.

Viktor Bout Reddit: FAQs

Q.1 Which country facilitated the Swap deal between US and Russian prisoners?

The swap deal took place in the United Arab Emirates.

Q.2 Name of prisoners involved in the Swap deal?

Viktor Bout and Brittney Griner are the prisoners involved in the Swap deal.

Q.3 Viktor Bout was arrested in which country?

Bout was arrested on 6th March 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Q.4 Was Viktor Bout imprisoned for the Death of a US citizen?

No, Viktor Bout was serving a 25-year jail term for arms supply to rebels.

Q.5 What is the age of arms dealer Viktor Bout?

Bout is a 55-year-old Russian citizen.

Q.6   When was Bout extradited to America?

Bout was extradited to America in 2010.

Q.7 Which prisoner name is trending on social media sites?

Viktor Bout’s name is trending on the social media site Twitter.

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