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This post on Video Waka Sabadell Twitter will inform the readers of the violence that occurred in the Waka nightclub.

Are you aware of the new violence that occurred in the Sabadell nightclub? It is the second time that something like this happened. Citizens of Spain are in anger after the case of assault against young men was reported. Video Waka Sabadell Twitter began circulating everywhere and people are trying to get complete information on this matter. Our team has done complete research and prepared this post.


Viral Waka Sabadell Video

Last year, a case started trending on Twitter and got a good limelight. In the video, two young men can be seen entering the nightclub in Sabadell. However, they were not permitted to enter the club. As a result, they tried to enter through the back gate or tanks. As per online sources, the doormen saw them and tried to pull them. They were beaten harshly by the doormen. Two boys were injured badly.

DISCLAIMER: All the reports are taken from online web sources. We never support any discrimination against any community. Everyone should be treated equally in the eyes of every citizen.

Viral On Tiktok: Waka Sabadell Video

The violence occurred around twice last year when the doormen of Sabadell nightclub had beaten the people who tried to enter the club. As per online sources, there was an incident when black women were denied to enter into the club. There was racial discrimination that should not be supported by anyone.

However, at that time no complaints were made against the doormen. Again in November 2021, such an incident happened where two boys were not allowed to enter the club between Sunday to Monday. We are not objecting to anyone. Despite any fault by the boys, the video on Reddit showed that the doormen had beaten them badly.

Another Case In Nightclub

Strict orders were issued to close the nightclub of Waka. The Waka nightclub was closed because a case of physical assault was reported. The incident occurred within the premises of the nightclub. This is the reason why the nightclub was closed. As per online reports, two such incidents were filed within six months.

Some online sources revealed that the incident could be avoided as it was under the control of the club authority. But, nothing stopped the incident. A minor was physically molested and the matter was reported Sunday early morning. The video on Telegram was used as proof against the doormen who had beaten the two boys.


Summing up this post, we have provided all fruitful details on the Waka Sabadell. Although, the link to the video is not provided as it influences violence.

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The Nightclub Video Viral On YouTube: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Were the identities of the boys who were beaten revealed?

Ans. As per online sources, the name of one boy was revealed who was Marc (24 years old).

Q2. Who had beaten the young boys?

Ans. The young boys were beaten brutally by the doormen of the Waka nightclub. As per reports, the four doormen were the culprits for beating them.

Q3. How many such cases were reported?

Ans. Within six months, two such violent cases were reported.

Q4. On what sources, the video was leaked?

Ans. The video went viral on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Q5. What was the first case reported in Waka nightclub?

Ans. As per online reports, a minor was physically molested in the club

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