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Video Viral Expo Valencia 2022: What Was There In The Viral Clip Link Availble On Twitter, Reddit & Instagram?

This article provides information on the Video Viral Expo Valencia 2022 and tells the readers about the facts related to the incident.

Did you check the viral Expo video of Valencia 2022? A shameless act happened at an event called Valencia 2022, which shocked the attendees and the people of Venezuela, Peru and Colombia

If you are looking for information on the incident at the Video Viral Expo Valencia 2022, then read this article till the end.


Why is Valencia’s Expo video getting viral?

In the recent event of the Valencia Expo, a video went viral in which a lady was making love with a guy while her husband was guarding and covering them. The footage caused many controversies during the event, and the situation got heated, involving the police too. 

Clip Viral Link On Twitter– Who are the culprits in the video?

After the video got viral on Twitter and different platforms, many people questioned their minds. The question includes ‘who were the people in the video and why they were performing this act.

As per the sources, the lady’s name is Kerlin Yocelyn Parra who has a criminal record too in the past for injuries, and the police haven’t arrested the guy in the video who is with the lady. 

Are the videos available on the internet?

The video is available on Twitter and Reddit platforms with a warning that the video contains inappropriate images and is available for an 18+ audience. The clip of the lady and the guy making love in the middle of the Expo becomes a trending discussion and many people from the foreign countries too are discussing the facts. 

However, in the video, it is seen that many people have recorded the act. It is believed that the whole video is circulated in different groups through different links. You will find many links on the internet and social media related to the video, like Instagram and Twitter. But platforms are now removing the links, so the given links might be removed at the time of accessing. 

Social Media links

Final Words 

The video contains grown-up images that kids shouldn’t watch. However, the police are trying to catch the culprit involved in the whole incident, and there should be strict punishment for them as things like this happening in a cultural event is inappropriate.

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Video Viral Expo Valencia 2022– FAQs

1: Where did the whole incident happen?

A: At Valencia Expo.

2: Who is the lady in the video?

A: Kerlin Yocelyn Parra.

3: Does Kerlin have a criminal record?

A: Yes, Kerlin has a criminal record of injuring people. 

4: What actions are taken by the official authority?

A: The police arrested the lady, and the guys weren’t found anywhere near the Expo.

5: Where’s the Expo happen?

A: The Expo happened in Valencia, Spain, from November 12th to November 14th.

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