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The below article on Video Viral Erika TikTok Full covers all the information about the famous Indonesian Tiktoker Erika Putri.

How many viral videos have you watched so far? Have you heard about the viral video of Erika? Many people already watched the video. But for those who have no idea about this video, we like to inform you that Erika Putri is a famous Tiktoker in Indonesia

Last February, a video of Erika went viral on various social media platforms. The video has something in it that makes people forced to watch. Let’s see why so many people are still searching for the Video Viral Erika TikTok Full

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Which video of Erika went viral?

The video of Erika Putri that went viral on social media platforms is full of explicit and sensitive content. In this viral video, Tiktoker Erika Putri teased an Ojol driver in a sensitive manner. Ojol is a courier delivery driver who came to Erika’s house to deliver a courier. Erika intentionally invited Ojol to shoot a prank video for her Tiktok.

The video that went Viral On Reddit shows that after entering Erika’s house, she started teasing the Ojol driver about different things. Erika was wearing a white tank top and light blue jeans. She was showing her stomach and arms. The Ojol driver was wearing a signature jacket. The way Erika was teasing the Ojol driver about explicit content in that prank video, disgusted many viewers of Indonesia. 

Can we find the entire original video of Erika on Instagram?

No, you cannot find the viral video of Erika and the Ojol driver on Instagram. We have searched a lot on Instagram about the video. But unfortunately, we could not find any videos there. 

There is not even a single piece of information about this viral video available on Instagram. So, people should stop searching for the video on Instagram. But you can follow Erika Putri on Instagram. She has more than 216k followers on Instagram. 

Where can we watch the video?

Apart from Reddit, you can find the video on Twitter. As many people shared the viral Tiktok video of Erika Putri and the Ojol driver on Reddit and Twitter, you can easily find the video there. 

Though we are not sure if you could find the entire one-minute and thirty-one seconds long video, you can still find some short clips of the video. Several screenshots and short clips are still available on the internet. But if you cannot find the video on Reddit or Twitter, you can search for it on Telegram. You might find the video there. 

Who is Erika Putri?

Erika Putri is a famous Tiktoker in Indonesia who makes prank videos. Her Tiktok account @erika_putriii has more than 40.8 million likes. Erika was already popular for her prank videos on Tiktok. But after uploading the Ojol prank video on Tiktok, she became the center of attraction. People started searching for the Video Viral Erika TikTok Full to see her. 

What did the natives of Indonesia comment on this video?

The video indeed attracted millions of viewers. But most of the viewers of Indonesia used bad words for Erika Putri. According to some people, Erika Putri disobeyed her culture and tradition. 

The natives of Indonesia became angry and disturbed after watching Erika’s prank video on Tiktok, Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube. You can go through our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see ordinary people’s comments on Erika’s prank video. 

Social Media Sites Links:

The Closing Thoughts:

As the video is still available on the internet, you can watch it. But we are not sure if you can find the entire original video. Many Twitter and Reddit users are providing fake links to the video. So, be aware of them. You can also click here to watch some clips of Erika Putri’s prank video.

Have you watched any of Erika Putri’s Tiktok videos? Please comment. 

Video Viral Erika TikTok Full– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Did Erika intentionally invite the Ojol driver?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 What is the name of that Ojol driver?

Ans. It is not confirmed yet.

Q.3 What is the length of the original video?

Ans. The video is one minute and thirty-one seconds long. 

Q.4 Did Erika Putri tease the Ojol driver?

Ans. Yes.

Q.5 Was it only a prank video?

Ans. Yes.

Q.6 Is the video full of explicit and sensitive content?

Ans. Yes.

Q.7 Can kids watch the video?

Ans. No. 

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