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Video Rezky Aditya Twitter: Check What Is The Content Of The Viral Video From Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, And Telegram!

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere about Video Rezky Aditya Twitter to know about its content.

Several media personalities try to remain in the news for their latest events, but nowadays, their presence also aims as a popularity. Did you know that five private videos of Rezky Aditya were leaked on the internet? Rezky is a famous actor and model from Indonesia and is popular in the United States. Would you like to know Rezky’s video’s timeline and content? Then, let’s analyze Video Rezky Aditya Twitter.


Rezky leaked video on twitter:

Rezky recent video clips were circulated on social media, including Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and Telegram. Some of the Twitter members who had imported the video initially advised their followers and netizens to join their DM to access the videos.

As Telegram is a private messaging app, it must be joined with an invite link. Hence the presence of Rezky’s YouTube leaked video and its circulation on Telegram remains unascertained.

The five video clips were 00:04:03, 00:00:09, 00:07:44, 00:05:06, and 00:00:06 minutes long. The first four videos showed the face of Rezky lying on a bed. The fifth video, which was 00:00:06 seconds long video is the video that is much spoken about. The fifth video showed the body part, which is going Viral OnTiktok.

Disclaimer: We do not promote/support access to grown-up content. Details in this write-up are obtained from various sources on the internet and are meant for informational purposes only.

The fifth video is dubious as Rezky’s face is NOT shown in the video. The video is short, with an angle that shows the body part as though it is short using a camera held in the left hand close to the face. Hence, on Instagram videos the rear-end camera could only capture the offensive content.

Why did the Rezky video go viral?

There are two reasons why the video went viral. Firstly, Hard Gumay had predicted a future event that a celebrity will the first letter of his name beginning with ‘R’ exposed in an offensive scandal. People believe that the prediction of Hard Gumay has come true.

Rezky’s fans are surprised about the Reddit viral videos leaked on social media. It is beacuseRezky is married to Citra KiranaSiregar in 2019. The couple has two children.

Social media link:

Due to the grown-up content of the video, we are excluding the link. However, below are links to Rezky’s social media accounts.





The Rezky’s leaked video was posted on @racun_update pages on Twitter on 25rd-December-2022. It included screenshots of five videos, including an uncensored image of the body part. The posts on other social media channels included links to knowledge-based and news websites. The full version of the video is NOT accessible on the internet. However, some netizens are offering it to individual followers on request.

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Video RezkyTelegram – FAQ

1Q. Is Rezky identified in the fifth video showing the offensive content?

No, it is speculation as Rezky face is NOT shown in the fifth video but only in four videos showing Rezky lying on a bed.

2Q. Why is the fifth private video linked to Rezky?

The fifth video is included in a sequence after the four videos, giving the impression that the video pertains to Rezky.

3Q. Why are netizens convinced that the fifth leaked video belongs to Rezky?

It is at the discretion of social media users. Rezky did NOT respond to the leaked video.

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