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{Full Watch} Video Of Tyre Sampson Full Video: Is the Tape Unblocked? Check Complete Details On Death

Where is the Original Video of Tyre Sampson Full Video? Is that footage Unblocked? What caused the Death of the person in the video?

What is Video of Tyre Sampson Full Video? What happened to Tyre Sampson? When did this incident happen? Who unblocked the Tyre Sampson video? People from the United StatesAustralia, and Canada were shocked to come across the incident that happened with Tyre Sampson. Let us know details about the incident here.

Video of Tyre Sampson Full Video

In March 2022, Tyre Sampson, a fourteen-year-old kid, fell to his Death. He was on the Free Fall ride in Iconic Park. The ride is often described as one of the tallest drop towers in the world. A person captured the moment Tyre fell, and the video went viral. But it was later removed from the social media. Now, the video is said to have been unblocked. And many claimed that the video is now available. 

Reason for Tyre Sampson Death

Tyre died as soon as he hit the ground. When the ride swing swung up, he fell and reached the ground before the ride decelerated. Tyre was from St Louis, Missouri, and he was visiting Orlando at a family member’s house. His parents were heartbroken to learn about the Death of their son. The Father of Tyre, Yarnell Sampson, even saw the video of Tyre falling from the ride. This may be the reason why Tyre Sampson original video was removed from social media.

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Details About The incident

As per Tyre’s father, ‘Tyre was uncomfortable the moment he hopped on to the ride.’ ‘He felt something was going to happen. Thus, he told his friends, sitting next to him on the ride to tell his mom and dad that I loved them a lot.’ Before that, he expressed his concern about the ride. He said something was wrong. 

Tyre Sampson Video Unblocked news is going viral. We searched for the video, but we could not find a proper one. However, the video is very distressing. But, as per the common views, the video should be blocked. Because it would be unfair for the family of Tyre to ever come across the video on the internet, the footage of their son falling to his Death is traumatic. It adds to their grief. 

How Does Park Authority React to Tyre Sampson Death?

The authorities at Iconic Park said that the ride does not operate until all the seats are locked properly. The system does not allow rides to switch on if the harnesses are not locked. The machine’s technology is high-tech. This statement was provided after Yarnell Sampson claimed that the operator at Iconic Park was at fault. 

The ride was closed afterward, and it remained closed for some time. After the Tyre Sampson Video Original incident, a team of investigators examined the ride. They tried to know how Tyre would have fallen from the ride. Because the operator says, it was locked. 


More than a year-old case is now trending again. Tyre Sampson, a 14-year-old boy, died in the tragic accident. Tyre fell from the Free Fall ride at Orlando’s Iconic Park. A video that captured the moment when Tyre fell had gone viral. Yarnell Sampson (Tyre’s father) came across the Tyre Sampson Video Unblocked. As per sources, the Sampson family had accused the amusement park authority. They claimed that the operator did not properly lock Tyre’s seat. For more details, click here

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