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Video De La Azafata Que Se Hizo: Find What Is In The Original Video Going Viral on Reddit, TIKTOK, Instagram, And YOUTUBE

This write-up about Video De La Azafata Que Se Hizo provides essential information about the whole incident.

For some days, a video went viral all over the internet, having a heated verbal fight between a flight crew and a passenger.

Have you come across the video? What do you think about the whole incident? Do you want to see the whole video? People Worldwide are curious to know more about the video. If you want to discover the same, please stick to this write-up till the end to know all details related to Video De La Azafata Que Se Hizo.


What is about the viral video?

On 16 December 2022, a video came across the web where we could see a passenger having a heated argument with a flight crew. The video is getting endless views. In the video, we can see that on an Indigo flight boarding towards Delhi from Istanbul, a verbal fight occurs over food choices between the flight employee and a man.

If you are searching for the video, you can check out the link header presented in this article on Twitter. On Original Video Viral on Reddit you can see an air hostess shouting over a man for making the crew member cry by pointing and screaming towards her.

While travelling, the passenger called an air hostess and screamed and pointed towards her for the available menu. The air hostess remained silent and listened to all his wrong saying, but later she started crying. Seeing her crying, a fellow member came to her rescue, and the video gets viral when a passenger sat near the incident, recorded the happenings and posted it on social media.

Video De La Azafata Que Se HizoRéactions :

Since the video got viral on the internet, here we came across many reactions from the public. Most of them are in support of the crew members. The airways CEO, Sanjiv Kapoor, has shown his reaction on the topic. He came forward in support of the airway’s employee. 

Most of the comments on social media favour the crew member as they are doing their duty and deserve due respect from passengers.

Additional information:

While the verbal took place, the air hostess said that she was also human and doing her work, so she needed to be treated well. Everyone on Instagram was on the air hostess’s side as she raised her voice when her fellow employee got mistreated.

After the incident took place people on social media have shared their experience of crew getting mistreated. many have shared their stories related to this issue.

Social media links:



To summarise, a verbal fight occurs between the passenger and the crew. People share the video, and most are on the crew member’s side. For more information about the video, visit the link.

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Viral on YOUTUBE Video-FAQs

Q1. When did the incident take place?

The incident took place on 16 December 2022.

Q2. On which flight does the incident happen?

It happens on the indigo flight.

Q3. What action is taken on the video?

Authorities will take some action as DGCA has come into the role.

Q4. Why is the air hostess yelling at the man?

It’s because the man has made a crew member anger.

Q5. What is the reaction of people to the video?

Most of the audience is with the crew member.

Q6. On what platforms is the video going viral?

The video spreads vastly over social media platforms like TIKTOK, Instagram, and YouTube.

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