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[Watch Video] Video Carok Madura 2 Vs 4 No Sensor: Foto Korban, Tiktok, Telegram, Twitter Info!

Do you know about Video Carok Madura 2 vs 4 No Sensor and Korban foto, going viral on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter? Learn about it.

Do you know about the place called Madura where the people practice a violent action called Carok? Have you seen any dual fights happening between two gangs on a video?

Then, in this article, we are going to explain a carok that happened in Indonesia and also shed more spot light on Video Carok Madura 2 vs 4 No Sensor in a detailed and truthful manner.

About the Video Carok Madura 2 vs 4 No Sensor

Madura is a place in an Indonesian country where two cultural people are always used to conflict over many things, and their conflict of fight has been termed Carok. Carok is basically a fight between Madura people using weapons.

On January 12, 2024, a big battle occurred between the two teams, and that Tiktok video circulated online. In that video, one gang was led by Wardi and Hasan Busri, Mat Tanjar led another team, and there were another three people, so it was 2 people vs. 4 people. Their fight scene was uploaded on the internet, but currently the video has been taken down because it created lots of problems in Madura.

About the Video Carok Madura 2 vs 4 No Sensor

Foto Korban Carok Madura 2 vs 4 

Here, the term Foto Korban refers to the photos of the victims who lost their lives in the recent Carok attack that happened in the Madura region. In that fight, Wardi and Hasan won, so Mat Tanjar and his team were killed, and their photos went viral on the internet.

In total, during that fight, nearly four people lost their lives: Mat Terdam, Mat Tanjar, Najehri, and Hafid. In the Foto Korban Carok Madura 2 vs 4 fight, we can see the Mat Tanjar photo, but other victim photos are not available to us.

Foto Korban Carok Madura 2 vs 4 

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Details of the trending video

On January 12, 2024, a fight erupted in the Madura region, especially in the area called Bangkalan. Wardi and his brother took a bike to attack the Mat Tanjar team. In that viral Youtube video, Wardi riding his motorcycle can be seen, and suddenly Busan jumps over Mat Tanjar to attack him forcefully. Mat Tanjar and his team retaliated back, but they couldn’t survive them effectively, so four of them died on the spot.

Details of the trending video

Ripple effects of the fight

The viral Twitter video went viral all over the Indonesian region, so it affected their peace because, on January 17, 2024, another huge fight erupted in the Madura village as a result of the viral video because people wanted to take revenge for the victims.

Even that fighting video went viral on the Telegram channel. In order to alleviate the people, a police force was summoned, and as of now, the fight in the Madura region has been prevented.

Ripple effects of the fight

Availability of the video

Currently, police officials in the Indonesian region are making efforts to eradicate all the carok videos from the internet because the videos are making people fight more, so the trending Instagram video was removed. But some snippets of the video is trending on some social media sites. 


Thereby, we have discussed the background story of the Carok fight, which happened in the Bangkalan region. According to the sources, the fight occurred due to the latest election results in Madura. Well, whatever the reason, the Video Carok Madura 2 vs 4 No Sensor incident has taken the lives of 4 people mercilessly.

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Disclaimer: This article doesn’t support or promote any form of violence.

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