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{Full Watch} Video Attaque Arras Twitter: Details On AU Couteau Lycee Arras TikTok

Our research on the Video Attaque Arras Twitter will update about the Attaque footage in TikTok in which a teacher died. 

Are you aware of the attack that took place in Arras? People have been watching this trending Video Attaque Arras Twitter. People started questioning the safety of the educational institution in France. This incident had created a terror among the people. If you do not know about this incident, then kindly stay tuned with us to know more. 

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As per online sources, a knife attack took place on the school campus in Arras. A teacher of the Gambetta-Carnot school, Dominique Bernard was killed in this attack. The online sources revealed that a former student of the school was the attacker. His identity remains unknown. However, there were reports that his brother was also arrested from nearby the other school. The video surfaced on social media like Twitter. This incident was recorded in the camera where this incident took place in the Pas-de-Calais department. It was a terrifying act and people felt insecure after this incident. 

Attaque AU Couteau Lycee Arras

According to online sources, a man stabbed a French teacher on the Gambetta Carnot campus. This attacker was a young man who was twenty years old. The teacher died after this attack while other three people were injured during this attack. The video of the CCTV footage shows that the teacher was being stabbed and laid on the floor. The other three people who tried to rescue the individual were also injured. The reason behind this attack remains unknown as no details are available on the online sites. However, it was revealed that the attacker was a Russian. 

Video Attaque Arras TikTok

The attack video was posted on several social media sources like Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc. The news channels also posted the CCTV footage of this incident. However, many people who had been watching the video found it disturbing and it outraged anger among the teacher’s union too. The video compelled people to question the safety in school premises as such incidents not only risk the lives of grownups but also the lives of children are also put at risk. The concerned authorities have come into action and the investigation is now going on. We should wait for authorities to give any statement on the Attaque AU Couteau Lycee Arras.

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Punishment to the attacker! 

As per sources, it was revealed that the attacker was arrested and has been sentenced to five years of imprisonment along with a fine of 75K Euros. The brother of the attacker was also arrested. It was also revealed that some religious remarks were also made by the attacker as per sources.


Summing up this post, we found all the important details on the attack that took place in Arras on the Gambetta Carnot campus. As a result of this attack, the French teacher died leaving three people injured. The police team is investigating the matter and the culprit has been taken into custody.   

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DISCLAIMER: We do not aim to hurt the sentiments of the deceased. We only intend to provide the information based on the trending news. Also, we never intend to promote any illegal act or religious disputes. We provide information after researching from online sites.

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