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Learn more about the explained version of Victory Liner 7805 Accident Real Video, along with the details behind the shooting Nueva Ecija incident.

Have you ever seen a fatal shooting incident happen on a running bus? Can you believe that nowadays, criminals have the audacity to commit crimes even on public transportation?

Victory Liner 7805 Accident Real Video is the perfect example of this type of incident to happen. This incident created considerable controversies in the Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea regions. In this article, we are going to explain how and why the accident happened by providing the causality data as well.

About Victory Liner 7805 Accident Real Video

The Victory Liner 7805 is an ultra-deluxe bus run by the Victory Liner bus company. On November 15, 2023, a fatal shooting incident happened inside the bus, and two passengers lost their precious lives. 

According to the driver of the bus, two unknown persons, while traveling, suddenly stood up and shot the passengers, and they threatened the driver to open the doors. Hence, the culprits fled the crime scene. The entire scene was recorded on the bus camera, and the video is currently available on the Twitter and YouTube platforms.

About Victory Liner 7805 Accident Real Video

Victory Liner Nueva Ecija Incident

Here, Nueva Ecija refers to the place in the Philippines where the shooting incident happened. We need our readers to note down this place specifically because another Victory liner bus met with a motorcycle accident on November 12, 2023, in Tabuk City. 

So, this shooting incident is entirely different from the motorcycle incident that happened earlier. The shooting incident occurred in the Nueva Ecija region only. 

Victory Liner Nueva Ecija Incident killed two people, and their names are Arman Bautista, aged 60, and Gloria Mendoza Quillano, aged 50. They seemed to be a couple. There might be a chance that these couples have their kids as well.

But unfortunately, they are destined to lose their lives on the bus. This incident triggered many emotions in people and posed a big question mark about people’s safety on public transportation.

Victory Liner Nueva Ecija Incident

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Victory Liner 7805 Accident Explained

The shooting incident happened on the broad day of Bayan ng Caranglan in the Nueva Ecija region. Everything was normal until the two men who wore a t-shirt and shorts packed up their bags and came near the driver’s seat.

Both men wore a mask and a backpack. They coolly took up their pistons and shot the couple. After hitting the passenger, the driver was terrified, and he raised his hand to save him from the shooting. The culprits asked the driver to open the door and flee. All these scenes can be seen in the Victory Liner 7805 Accident Real Video scenes.

Victory Liner 7805 Accident Explained

Ripple effects

As soon as the shooting incident happened, the driver informed the Philippine police officials, and the investigation was started. 

There is one regulatory board for public transportation in the Philippines named the Land Transportation, Franchising, and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). They came to the scene and did their part in the investigation. 

As the Victory Liner bus underwent two controversies in the same month, LTFRB officials started to question the license and registration details of the Victory Liner company. But everything seemed to be normal.

Ripple effects

Availability of the video

Victory Liner 7805 Accident Explained clearly in the actual video, which is circulating all over the internet. The video, which was taken on the bus camera, was released, and it is available in its uncensored version on many Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit platforms. Totally it was only a 44-second video where the whole shooting incident happened, and the criminals escaped as well.

We have attached the links to the video in this article, so kindly watch the Victory Liner Nueva Ecija Incident scenes on that legit video. Some websites are spreading fake videos of shooting incidents, so we have attached legit links for our viewers.

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Legal actions

As of now, the police officials haven’t taken any legal action because, as a witness to the incident, the driver couldn’t recognize the faces of the culprits, so the police officials are having difficulty capturing the criminals.

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Thereby, we have explained all the details that are present on the Victory Liner 7805 Accident Real Video. The purpose of the shooting incident is also not known, as is why the criminals shot the couple out of nowhere. The mystery behind this fatal shooting incident can only be revealed when police officials learn about the criminals.

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Disclaimer: This article talks about a violent shooting incident.

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