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[Watch Video] Verbalase Hide Away Video Leaked On Twitter: What Happened to Charlie? What Is On Reddit?

Verbalase Hide Away Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit, and netizens started asking What Happened to Verbalase and Charlie.

Are you familiar with the famous YouTuber Verbalase? Verbalase, also known as Adym Steven Evans, is a famous YouTuber in the United States who has become the center of attraction after an animation video went viral on social media platforms. Adym is well-known for making the Cartoon Beatbox Battle series on YouTube.

However, recently, a video of him and Charlie, the main character of the Hazbin Hotel series, created a lot of controversy. Keep reading the Verbalase Hide Away Video Leaked on Twitter article.

What is the Verbalase Hide Away Video Leaked on Twitter news?

On 11 January 2024, an X (formerly known as Twitter) user, @thestartofluck, revealed the scandal of Verbalase. In the X (formerly known as Twitter) posts, they revealed that Adym, known as Verbalase, spent around $50k to create the spinoff music video of Hazbin Hotel. Shortly after, @OOCWesternR34 reposted the same animation video and made 11.5 million views within three days.

What is the Verbalase Hide Away Video Leaked on Twitter news

In this context, many people asked about the content of the viral Verbalase and Charlie Video. The video showcased the self-animated character of Verbalase getting physically assaulted by Charlie Morningstar, the main character of the Hazbin Hotel series. The audience saw how Verbalase was running from Charlie Morningstar. Finally, Charlie Morningstar captivated Verbalase in a hotel room and did nonconsensual activities with Verbalase.

A song titled Hide Away was playing in the background of that viral music video. The video attracts the attention of millions of people. This music video has become the center of attraction for the worldwide netizens.

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What Happened to Verbalase?

Many netizens claimed that Verbalase, known as Adym Steven Evans, went bankrupt after making and uploading this animated music video. Verbalase himself has not said anything about this incident. However, for making such explicit content, Verbalase faced a lot of criticism from everyone.

What Happened to Verbalase

You will be amazed to hear that Verbalase has more than 5.45 million subscribers on its official YouTube channel. More than 1.7 million people followed Verbalase on Instagram. You can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see his Instagram account.

Is the Verbalase and Charlie Video still available on social media?

Yes. You can still find the music video on social media platforms. You might not find the unedited version of the music video. However, the edited version of this viral music video is still available on several social media sites.

While searching for the musical video, you will notice how much controversy the video has faced. Many people made fun of Verbalase after watching the music video. Netizens created a lot of memes on this viral music video.

Who posted about the Verbalase Hide Away Video Reddit news?

On 6 September 2023, YouTuber HydroHater99 first reposted the music video titled Chase – Hide Away on YouTube. However, the original upload date of the video is still unknown.

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The Final Discussion:

We like to inform our readers that Hazbin Hotel is an animated musical comedy series that was created in 2019 by Vivienne Medrano. When the Verbalase Hide Away Video Leaked on Twitter, netizens knew about Charlie Morningstar, the main character of Hazbin Hotel. You can click here to watch the recent YouTube video of Verbalase.

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