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Velhalla Crypto {Nov 2021} Price, Chart, How To Buy?

This article describes a blockchain-based token that helps users participate in gaming and NFT related activities virtually. Read on Velhalla Crypto.

Are you looking to invest in crypto tokens based on high futuristic values? If yes, you are at the right article that explains the relevant topic. There is an increase in demand for technologies with high possibility and these technologies recently introduced many crypto tokens.

Investors, traders, and gamers Worldwide are excited about this highly innovative token that will revolutionize current and upcoming NFT based projects and digital metaverse gaming systems. Read this article completely to understand more about the topic Velhalla Crypto.

About Velhalla

Velhalla is a sort of metaverse with many specialties from the existing similar metaverse projects. This token developed with the help of blockchain technology can be used as a cryptocurrency and NFTs, and the Velhalla token is used to purchase different valuable NFTs across the platforms.

Velhalla also offers its users different play-to-earn games to increase the player’s earning potential using their platform. Each game provided by the platforms has its metaverse, making them more unique from other platforms. These cryptos are to be used to redeem gaming rewards and assets.

Velhalla Crypto

  • Velhalla is the first metaverse developed on the Velas chain. Velas chain is considered to be the fastest EVM chain.
  • Velas chain also provides its users with cheap transactions, costing just $0.00001 for each transaction. Velas chain is also known for developing new projects rapidly.
  • Velhalla token provides the user with a mystic and futuristic world in the metaverse space.
  • The users can purchase unique characters, virtual real estate, NFTs, digital assets, and much more using this token.
  • The project has given prime importance in establishing the token as a decentralized and user-driven token.

Market Capitalization

  •  Velhalla Crypto ’s Initial Market Cap: $150,000
  • Public price: $0.001
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Initial circulating supply: 0
  • ATH: N/A
  • ATL: N/A
  • 24H high: N/A
  • 24H low: N/A

Founders and Team

  • Details and information regarding the founders and team are not mentioned on their official website. Any new information regarding the same is to be updated.
  • Velhalla is incubated by bluezilla and has a partnership with velas, velaspad, gamezone, and wagyuswap.

Where to Buy Velhalla token?

  • The buyers need to use SCAR, a digital asset token, to pay for the services and goods available in Velhalla. Understand more on Velhalla Crypto.
  • Velas has made it in VRC20 standards to enable faster, cheaper, and safer transactions.
  • The user needs to have crypto-supported wallets such as Metamask or Trustwallet.
  • These wallets are connected to initiate the transaction process.
  • The user has to load their wallet with other major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Binance, Tether, Ethereum, Cardano, etc., as an initial process.
  • The loaded cryptos are to be used to exchange with SCAR tokens.
  • The price of the token may vary accordingly.
  • These SCAR tokens then can be used to purchase different NFTs and other digital assets from Velhalla.


Q1: What’s the major token allocation of the Velhalla Crypto?

A1: According to their official whitepaper, 15% goes to the team, 7% to the advisors, 15% is used for liquidity, 20% for the ecosystem, 7% is kept as reserve, 12% for private sale, and 20% for stakers.

Q2: Is this token listed on the CoinMarketCap platform?

A2: Yes, this token is listed and the token details are available on the CoinMarketCap platform.


Metaverse-based projects are gaining massive acceptance from the people of the crypto community after the famous announcement of Mark Zuckerberg recently. To know more in-depth about the Velhalla token, please visit this link.

Have you tried to invest or trade in tokens similar to Velhalla Crypto? If yes, please comment below your investing/trading experience with us below.

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