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Vcg Token (January 2022) Chart, How To Buy?, Price

The blog will inform you about the Vcg Token and its unique features so that you can make a decision before investment.

Do you want to know about a new cryptocurrency? Do you have any idea about cryptocurrency on the social commerce interface? If yes, this blog is for you. 

If you are a crypto buyer, you can read the article and get perfect knowledge about this cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is already famous in various countries like Indonesia, and many people are investing in this cryptocurrency. 

Let’s disclose the name of this virtual currency. The name of this cryptocurrency is Vcg Token.

About VCG

This digital currency can help you sell virtual gaming and assist you in NFTs gaming. The crypto is also supported in the “VC Gamers Ecosystem”. 

Digital currency can give investors a utility in reality. So, the investors can use this token practically. Besides this, the “Tokenomics” is very clear of this cryptocurrency. The digital currency is offered around 4 percent private sale. 

It offers DEX nearly 20 per cent and 10 per cent CEX. The IDO is applicable around 35 per cent. So, you can understand they have a very sound process and allocations for the investors. 

Vcg Token -The Founder(s) 

Many people are involved in this cryptocurrency. In the current report, VCG also offers a tax transaction ratio. As per our research, it offers up to 6 per cent tax transactions. 

But before that, we should focus on its inceptors. Our research says, Sony Subrata is the present CEO of this cryptocurrency. The current Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Hartanto Lee. Wafa Taftozani works as a chairman of VCG networks. The name of the present CCO is Ibnu Anggra. 

So, you can understand behind this token, many famous names are involved. Due to this reason, the coin gets attention. 

Market Supplies About Vcg Token

Now let’s figure out its market capabilities. The following discussion can help you to understand its market ratio:

  • The Price in USD- $0.871966
  • The Capitalization- No Data
  • Market Supremacy- 0.00%
  • High and Low Price- $0.880772/ $0.861308
  • Trade Volume- $5,033
  • Position in the Market- No information
  • High for all-time- $4.10 (-78.7%)
  • Low for all-time- $0.160031 (445.9%)
  • Supply Circulation- Not clarified
  • Total Circulation-1000000000

The Pros of the Buying VCG

There are many reasons involved that one can buy the token, which can be enlisted as below:

  • The price rate of the VCG is not alarming at all. 
  • Vcg Token offers a tax transaction ratio to the investors. 
  • It is associated with the “Binance” platform. 
  • This token has clear and published “Tokenomics”. 
  • It has a trustable token community. 
  • It granted a 10 per cent partnership for the investors. 

How Do You Buy the Token? 

Every cryptocurrency has its own buying process. As per our survey, the VCG has also buying process, which can be elaborated as below:

  • Log in and register your name in the “Coinbase” account. 
  • Register with your valid email id to start the accounting process to start buying protocols of Vcg Token.
  • Now you need to answer some of the questions of Coinbase. 
  • Verify your email id for buying. Now start the setup of your funding. You can use “BTH” or “ETH” to buy the coin. 


Q1. Do I know the Contract Address? 
A1. Yes, the contract address is – 0x1F36FB2D91d9951Cf58aE4c1956C0b77e224F1E9.

Q2. Why the VCG News is Trending? 
A2. It starts the presale on 7 January 2022. That is the reason the VCG news is in trend. 

The Final Thoughts

In the present time, many investors are investing in cryptocurrency. Many people are also eagerly waiting to invest in Vcg Token. But as per the expert’s view, before you plan to buy the tokenyou need to confirm all the details about the token. For more data, you can also visit the official website of VCG

Do You Want to Invest in Cryptocurrency? Please share your opinions below. Also, you may read here about the common crypto scams and how to avoid them.

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