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Vanroy Smith Long Beach: Was He Stabbed At Dana Point? Want To Know The Reason? Read Now!

Get the details of Vanroy Smith Long Beach murderer, and know about the murder case in depth through this article.

Who is Vanroy Smith? Why is Vanroy Smith arrested? Have you heard about the recent murder case at Dana point? Who died in the tragic murder case? Who is the murderer in the Dana Point murder case? 

Well, to learn more about this trending United States murder case and the present scenario of the investigation process, read the article now. So, without delay, read the Vanroy Smith Long Beach news for more details.


Disclaimer– The article elaborates on details of the Vanroy Smith murder case and does not share or promote any wrong content to the readers.

What happened at Dana Point?

A doctor named Michael Mammone, 58 years, was killed on Wednesday around 3 p.m. at Dana Point on the Pacific Coast Highway. The murderer struck the doctor with a Lexus and, after that, got down from his car and stabbed the victim with a Knife. 

The victim, Dr. Michael Mammone was riding a bicycle, the sheriff’s department of Orange County said. An important social media link for the article is mentioned below.

About murder Vanroy Smith Dana Point!

The Orange County Sheriff’s officials identified the murderer as Vanroy Evan Smith, a 39-year-old man. The murderer belongs to Long Beach and has no connections with the victim. Vanroy Smith Dana Point.

How did the murder take place?

According to the statements provided by the witnesses, the victim was struck down from his bicycle by the suspect, and then the murderer Vanroy Smith stabbed the doctor on the spot. 

The murderer then pulled out his gun and started firing around the spot multiple rounds until two passers-by disarmed the murderer. After that, Vanroy Smith Dana Pointthe murder case suspect, was detained by the people around until the police arrived and arrested the suspect.

Statements of the Investigators!

The investigators stated that Vanroy Smith would appear before the court on Friday, and the officers found no connection between the murderer and the victim. The Victim, Mammone, is a professional doctor at the Providence Mission Hospital Laguna Beach. 

What was the victim’s condition after the deputies arrived?

The deputies said that Mammone, the victim, was lying with server injuries in an intersection. The victim was rushed to the hospital immediately after the deputies reached the spot, and Vanroy Smith Long Beach was detained. 

However, the victim was declared dead at the hospital, according to the statements given by the sheriffs.

Social Media updates on the news!

News reporter @Cody Alcorn shared the Random attack murder news on Facebook through a post. The reporter shared the picture of the victim and briefly stated the whole facts of the case in the shared post.      

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The Mission Hospital Family is mourning over the loss of their incredible physician. To get more details about the Vanroy Smith murder case, watch the video here. 

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Vanroy Smith Long Beach-FAQs

Q1. Who is Vanroy Evan Smith?

He is a murderer who is arrested for the recent Dana Point murder case.

Q2. Whom did Vanroy Smith kill?

He killed Dr. Michael Mammone in the murder case.

Q3. What is the full name of Dr. Michael Mammone?

His full name is Dr. Michael John Mammone.

Q4. How old was Dr. Mammoe?

He was 58 years old.

Q5. How old is the murdered Vanroy Smith?

He is 39 years old.

Q6. Where did the murder take place?

The murder takes place on the Pacific coast Highway at Dana Point.

Q7. Who reported the Orange county sheriffs?

The bystanders present at the murder spot reported the sheriffs.

Q8. Which weapon did the murderer use to attack the victim?

The murderer attacked the victim with a knife.

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