Latest News Crime Scene Photos- Is crimescenephotos.Com Genuine? Check Its Website Review Here!

This article provides information on the website related to crime stories and tells every reader Crime Scene Photos legitimacy.

Do you like to read about documentaries of criminals and want to look at the photos that connect you with the situation? On the internet, there are limited websites that support these contents, but now most documentaries and crime scene photos are available Worldwide

We’re talking about the Crime Scene Photos and in this article, we will tell you everything about the website that gives the crime scene photos on their website. So, let’s find out. 


What is is a website that gives criminal documentary information to its readers and includes photos. There aren’t many websites on the internet that supports this information published on their website, but is different from all of them.

The website includes all the information about the crime, including the bibliography and the exact location of the incident. 

Are there any other websites related to Crime Scene Photos .Com?

Yes, there are websites present, but offers everything about the situation that happened. You can find documentaries about Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer and others. The website reporters tried their best to give legitimate information to their readers.

While some websites hide the truth behind the content and change it accordingly, is free from all these things and only believes in giving truthful information about the crime. 

We had listed some site that provide with similar information 

  •  Radar Online (
  • Crime Online (

Is a legit website?

The readers need to know about the website’s legitimacy, which gives them a sensitive piece of information about the crimes of other people. Therefore, let’s find out whether Crime Scene Photos is a legit website or not.

Domain created on September 29, 1994
Expiration Date September 28, 2023
Trust score 80%
Plagiarism found 100%
Alexa Rank 268189 Worldwide

By looking at the above table about the website’s legitimacy, we can say that the website has been legit and functioning for a long time. There are vast traffic on the website as people like to watch the original pictures of the crime scenes. 

What are the cases that covers?

The cases covered by the website are the case of Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and Kobe Bryant post mortem photos, Lamentable conditions before the crime scene and other Crime Scene Photos Website from the police crime locations. 

However, there’s been a controversy between the website and the Jeffery Dahmer case, as the website only showed the murderer side of Dahmer. It is believed that apart from being a gruesome murderer, he was in a cult and involved in cannibalism.

He was passionate about his work and kept the victims’ skeletons in his home for a long time. Many people viewed the story that the website published, but since then, many readers have started doubting’s legitimacy. 

How to check out the Crime Scene Photos?

To check the crime scene photos on, you need to open their official website. After that, signup with the website and if you already have an account, then you can choose to log in. 

After gaining access, you can check out different segments and documentaries of accusers known for their crimes. 

What do the readers think about the website?

After looking at the information related to the reviews and opinions of readers, we find that many think the information publishes, is fake. 

The reason behind this thought is that people think that no website can access such detailed information about any crime story like Crime Scene Photos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: When was the website started?

A: The website started on September 29th 1994.

Q2: Is the information free?

A: Yes, the website doesn’t charge any penny from the readers. 

Q3: Is the information accurate?

A: The information is accurate up to some extent.

Q4: Should kids watch the website?

A: The is strictly for grown-up people.

Q5: What’s the expiration date of the website’s domain?

A: The website domain will expire on September 28, 2023.

Q6: Who is the owner of

A: No information is mentioned related to the owner or handler of the website.

Q7: What Cases are discussed on

A: Cases related to Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer and other stories.

Final words Crime Scene Photos is a legit website, but people have second doubts about the information they post. Although, the readers like every detail of the crime scenes and the photos available on the website.

What do you think about the website’s functioning? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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