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The latest Scamas mentioned in many Reviews, is uncovered in this write-up to inform users if they receive an alert. 

Did you receive an alert or message regarding the issues with your package? A fake message with a tracking ID was recently talked about after people from the United States received the same.

An alert notification with a similar tracking ID made many people believe it was authentic since the company name was similar to the renowned packaging services. But check if it is a Scam through this guide.

What is the Scam?

The US Postal Services, or USPS, was recently linked with fraudulent activity due to an alert sent by online scammers. The is a scam website since it sends alert notifications to many users about the issues with their packages sent through USPS. 

The site sends notifications using US9524901144737, a tracking ID, to misguide users about issues in their packages and delivery. Every user received the alert with the same tracking ID to trap them. However, the US9524901144737 ID alert is not authentic, and the official USPS did not send such a notification to its viewers. Reviews:

Although many USPS users received the message, many of them did not believe it and shared their opinions about it to learn the facts. Most users who believed in the US9524901144737 ID notification were trapped because their data was stolen.

Users shared their experience with the community to alert others and inform them that the alert notification about the US9524901144737 ID is completely fake.

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How did scammers trap users through

The Scam website posed itself as the official USPS to trap users of postal services. They recently sent a similar alarming notification with the US9524901144737 ID to many USPS users. Once users follow the link attached in the notification, it lands them on this fake website.

In many cases, online scammers use other IDs to succeed in their scam attempts. They often pose themselves as authorities from the courier or postal services to trap USPS users.

Which message is received from

The recent fake message includes information about the user’s package’s arrival at the warehouse of USPS. It informs USPS users about the failure of their package delivery because of incomplete details of their location or address.

Besides, many Reviews indicate that they received a link attached to the alert notification to confirm their location and address. The link,, they received proved a scam.

What happens when users visit the link attacked in the scam message?

The link attached in the scam message from directs to a fake website that may steal visitors’ private information. Entering the user’s details or financial information on the scam web page may collect the user’s data and hack financial details, leading to fraudulent and unauthorized transactions.

Therefore, USPS users and anyone who receives an alert with US9524901144737 ID must not interact with it. If you unknowingly tap on the link attached in the Scam message, you must change the passwords and alert your banking department about the online or banking accounts.

Also, file a report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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Many USPS users recently received an alert notification. They noticed the prevalence of the Scam. The message with US9524901144737 ID proved to be fake. Therefore, USPS users and individuals must avoid interacting with the unauthorized messages or alerts they receive from scammers posing as official postal services.

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Did you receive an alert notification with the US9524901144737 ID? Share if you interacted with the message and got trapped.

Disclaimer: We notify online readers about the scams and fraudulent activities prevalent online to alert them without advertising them.

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