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The Scam post investigated a fraudulent website and has checked its reviews in digital space. 

Have you received any text link that claims to take the visitor to the Usps trck my post website? Is Usps trck my post web portal, active in digital space? Many United States citizens have received a suspecting text link from USPS in the recent past on their devices. The message prompts the receiver to click on the text link to get their package delivered on time. Scam has investigated this suspicious text link and checked the legitimacy of the website mentioned in the link. 

Is Scam or Legit:

Some website review portal has published scam posts on Usps trck my post site, and found them to be fake sites. According to their findings, the USPS site has designed its portal on the US Postal Services digital platform. The website targets US postal service customer and tries to get their personal information with fake links.

At the time of writing this post, the Usps trck my post website was not accessible and most scam detector site has no legit details on it. The Usps trck my post website appears to be a subdomain of another scam website. Reviews:

Scammers mostly change the name of a domain or subdomain to conceal their identity. The Usps trck my post scammers also appear to follow a similar model to scam people of their personal details. The website was working as a subdomain of another digital platform and is not accessible now. 

Many legit rating web portal has investigated this site and found it to be a fake site. Usps tracked my posts, imitated the US Postal Service website, and trapped people with a text message link. The text link was sent to people on their mobile devices as a trap to bring them to the USPS fake site. Reviews website found that the text message prompted people to click the link to get their package. It asked for people’s shipping addresses for the same delivery of their stuck parcel. People clicking on the link run the risk of getting their device infected with malware or viruses. Scammers can use the personal information shared on the USPS fake website for personal thefts, fraudulent transactions, or any other malicious purpose. 

Scam website seeks personal information like name, physical address, mobile number, and credit card number. Scammers can use all this information to carry on different kinds of scams.

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Action Plan for Scam Victims:

People should avoid clicking the suspicious text message link and report the matter to the concerned department. If people get on the scam site and fall victim to the scammer’s plan, they should follow the below steps. 

  • Call the credit card company and inform them about the incident; they may cancel the fraud transaction made from your card. 
  • Keep updated with all records of your bank and Credit Card Company. 
  • Inform all your friends and family about the text link scam and ask them to report it. 
  • People receiving suspicious links from the Scam site can report the matter to the Federal Trade Commission or Crime Complaint Center. 

How to Identify Usps Text Message Scam?

People can identify the Usps text message scam by following the steps mentioned below for netizens. 

  • Double-check the tracking number of the parcel on the USPS genuine website. 
  • Check for spelling or grammar mistakes in the text message.
  • Check for the website address with the genuine site. 

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People should remain alert and inform their family and friends about the ongoing text message link scam. The Scam is one of the text link frauds, but many other scams are active on similar lines.

Have you reported any text link scam to the concerned authority? Please comment.

Disclaimer: The post content is based on internet research and has information for the digital audience. It does not intend to promote any product, video, or scam through this blog.

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