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Did you receive notification about an undelivered USPS package in United States? Were you waiting for package delivery but came to know it was already delivered, but you did not find package? Do you think package was missing? Let’s check facts about Scam.

What is Scam?

It must be noted that is website developed as high-end scam. Term PP-issue in supply chain management (or) logistics services refers to Porch Privacy, Package Privacy, (or) Porch Pirates. It occurs when packages left unattended on doorsteps or porches by delivery drivers are stolen by unauthorized individuals. It includes instances of:

  • Package theft, where unauthorized individuals steal packages left at customer’s doorstep.
  • Unauthorized access, where individuals infiltrate customer’s premises to steal packages.
  • Lack of secure delivery areas, where residential entrances are left open without digital locks, security guards, (or) pet animals such as dogs, as determined in Reviews.
  • Delivery to wrong address, where incorrect customers take ownership of other customers’ packages delivered in error to wrong addresses. 
  • Increased visibility of packages to unauthorized individuals makes them curious to steal packages.
  • Delivery notifications to incorrect contact numbers via SMS containing tracking links that give information about delivery address and time of delivery.
  • Inadequate delivery attempts, where delivery drivers do not take signature of recipient and leave package to avoid re-delivery attempts
  • Digital tracking and monitoring, where alert about scheduled package delivery is sent to an incorrect customer’s email address, may contain tracking link giving information about delivery address and time of delivery. Reviews and instances:

  • Approximately 43% of USPS packages get stolen/lost.
  • Approximately 1.7 million packages are lost/stolen every day!
  • But, only 29% to 41% of Americans report lost/stolen packages.
  • Only 54% of porch prate victims were refunded.
  • Most porch privacy issues happen on Mondays.
  • Most packages are stolen in afternoon.
  • Stolen/lost packages cost between $5 to $500+, with an average of $106 cost of stolen/lost packages.
  • States with high percentage of PP-issues include Alabama/Alaska/Arkansas/Colorado/Delaware/Hawaii/Iowa/Kansas/Massachusetts/Minnesota/Mississippi/Missouri/Nebraska/New Hampshire/Oklahoma/Oregon/Rhode Island/South Dakota/Tennessee/Washington/Wyoming.
  • 34% of PP-issues occur in urban areas, 20% in suburban areas, and 10% in rural areas.
  • 94% of porch pirates are less than 45-years old.
  • 67% of porch pirates, including men and women, belong to middle class.

The Features of Scam:

As of writing, was inaccessible. Hence, its content cannot be reviewed. was redirecting users to is an I-frame(website in website). Therefore, was speculated to be parent website. However,, website hosted in China, also redirects users to! 

The identity and contact details of were censored using paid privacy services of Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co. Ltd., is ISP for was registered in Georgia, USA, on 24th/August/2023 for next one year and will expire on 24th/August/2024. 

Verifying legitimacy of Scam: gained terrible 1% trust score, Flashstart Internet Filter reported as malicious website, and Trend Micro does not trust Tranco’s traffic rank suggests poor visitor count of

Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as is registered with Alibaba.Com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited, which hosted several suspicious websites. 

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Fraudsters and possible scamming send emails, SMS, (or) WhatsApp messages to customers asking them to pay certain amount for re-delivery attempt (or) try phishing attempts by providing link to an unauthentic third-party website(other than Hence, click here to learn more about credit card scams and avoid giving any information over an SMS (or) on unauthentic websites, and contact USPS directly.

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