Scam Online Website Reviews Scam: Is The Website Legit? Find Genuine Reviews Here!

Find out the Reality of the Scam and users’ Reviews about the Website. 

Are you trying to find the legitimacy of A trusted platform, of the United States, is under doubt due to the presence of a similar platform with the same logo. 

There are many reports by users regarding the availability of fake platforms with similar identities. Therefore, people are demanding to escalate the legitimacy of the platform Scam and how it steals the data of users. 

How does Scam Function? 

As per the report, people are getting a message from that shows track ID and parcel delivery time. However, all the information in the message is fake, and when you click on the redirecting link and enter the required credentials, it will show fake information about the order shipment. 

However, people couldn’t understand the Scam and input all the details that can be harmful to share. As a result, the scammers copy all the details and, using the verified OTP to confirm the order status, steal money from the bank account of the user. Moreover, there’s a higher probability that the user can also blackmail the user to give money in exchange for deleting their details from their record. Scam Specification 

  • Domain Age: Surprisingly, the age of the domain is not registered. 
  • Alexa Ranking: Alexa Ranking for the domain is unavailable. 
  • Trust Score: The obtains 1% of the trust score. 
  • Social Media: There’s no social media link present for this domain. 
  • Owner Information: there is no information about the owner and the government-authorized policy available on the domain.
  • Address Proof: contact address details are not available on the Website. 
  • Email ID: Email ID is also not available on the Website. At the place of email ID, a USPS customer service link is provided that we connect to a page where you have to share your ID. 
  • Contact No.: 18002758777.
  • Return Policy: information unavailable
  • Payment Mode: information unavailable.

Is Legit

Looking at all the stats and features of, it is completely clear that it is a fake website which uses the logo and the name of a popular domain to scam people. Initially, there is multiple information available on the Website, which also denies the legitimacy of the domain.

However, Legitimate websites also posted through their social media handles that a fake website is replicating them using the logo and similar handles to steal users’ data. So, the Scam is exposed, and if you’re getting any email or text messages from this domain, then make sure to report it and connect with the cyber crime team to take action regarding the fraud alerts. Reviews

There are no reviews on the official Website. However, many people are posting comments on social media about the scam of the domain. Additionally, multiple SEO-verifying websites and scam detector domains also conclude that it is a fake website. Also, find out how to avoid PayPal scams

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Did I Just Get Scammed?!?
byu/straycatbri inUSPS

Final Verdict

A website named is sending mass messages to United States citizens about order delivery. However, people find the Scam website. Additionally, verify all the details and information about the Website. It is clear that the domain is fake and frauds the public. 

Did you also receive any emails or text messages from Comment Below. Moreover, learn how to avoid credit card scams.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any Website. We have no intention to harm anyone’s privacy. All the information available in the article is for informational purposes only.

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