Usps.Mybusipos.Com Scam Online Website Reviews

Usps.Mybusipos.Com Scam: Know The True Details Along With Reviews!

The article explains about scam and website associated with the scam, along with its reviews.

Are you the person who wants to stay vigilant against the scams that are happening around the world? Then, do you know about the Scam, which is stealing the hard-earned money of thousands of United States citizens?

If not, then this article is going to be an eye-opening one where we are going to discuss the scam in a more detailed manner. Let’s start our investigation!

About Scam is a website created by scammers to loot the money of people. The backstory is that USPS refers to the United States Postal Service, which the government runs. This is one of the best and most trusted postal services in the United States. Thus, the scammers decided to choose this portal as their instrument of scam.

The” Scam “ Scammers sent a message to the people claiming that their parcel was not delivered, so in order to get their parcel, they asked people to register their personal and bank details on this website and asked them to pay an extra 5 to 10 dollars to receive it. Some people have fallen for it and lost their money. Currently, this scam activity has been detected, so this website is currently unavailable for usage. Reviews  

Presently, the website has been removed, so that we couldn’t find any customer reviews about this site. There are scam-detecting websites that have already detected this website.

According to the detection websites, this website doesn’t attract any reviews, and it has been created for people who haven’t received their delivery correctly. They have even copied the logo of USPS services to look authentic.

Specifications of the website

Let us learn some details about the website that is responsible for the Scam.

Type of website: the website was created specifically for the users who didn’t receive their package.

Contact number: Since the website is not available, we couldn’t see the contact number and address.

Social media activity: No, the website is not present on any social media platform.

Reviews: It is not available.

A legitimacy checks of the website

Now, it is time to check the technical vitals of this website.

Domain creation date: the domain was created on June 17, 2023.

Domain expiration date: not mentioned Reviews: Not present

Safety score: This website has a complete 0 score, which clearly shows that it is not a safer one.

Registrar: Alibaba.Com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited

Host place: Santa Clara, United States of America

Blacklisted data: This website has been blacklisted by the search engines.

Summary of the website Scam website, is a highly risky and non-safe website; that’s why search engines have blacklisted it. And this website doesn’t possess any advantages, as it was created for scams. Readers can also check out this credit scam article.


In this article, we have discussed the scam, which is done more professionally by the scammers. Thus, it is high time for people to be more vigilant; they should not click on any malicious websites, and they should read Reviews before taking any sort of action.

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Disclaimer: This article shares information about the scam and its associated website. But we don’t strictly endorse this type of scam on our website.

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