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Usdp Binance (Sep) Token Price, Prediction & How To Buy!

Here in this article, we will learn about the Usdp Binance coin and every other essential detail related to this coin.

There are many cryptocurrencies out there in the market, and if you are a crypto investor, you must have tried to get information about all the new coins marked in the market. We know that it must be difficult to keep up with new currencies coming out in the market now and then.

In this article, we are going to talk about Usdp Binance. This coin has been very popular in countries like India, Brazil and Turkey. This article will provide you with the information which you will need. 

What is Usdp Coin?

The Paxos company had launched the Usdp coin. This is a stable coin that is fundamentally alike to the Pax dollar coin. Its value does not fluctuate much as compared to other fiat coins. The value of USD is linked with USD, so one usdp coin will amount to one USD at any given time. The Usdp Binance coin is also regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services so that you don’t have to worry about consumer protection. 

Usdp coin Live price data:

The Usdp coin price today is USD 0.986442, and the 24-hour trading volume of USD 195,924. In the last 24-hours, the price of the coin is down by 2.32%. The current ranking of the coin is #3387. The live market cap and the circulating supply is not available. Also, the Max supply of the Usdp Binance coin is 106,388,842.

USDP Price Statistics;

Let us have a look at the price statistics of the coin for a better understanding of the coin’s place in the market:

  • USDP Stablecoin Price Today- $0.986422
  • Price Change in last 24 hours- $-0.03572 
  • 24 hour low/ 24 hour high- $0.9341/$1.80
  • Trading Volume of the coin- $195,924.33
  • Volume/Market Cap of the coin- Not Available
  • Market Dominance of the coin- Not Available 
  • Market Rank- #3387
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- $104,946,463.27

Price Prediction of Usdp Binance Coin:

The price of the USDP coin today is $0.986422, and many investors are interested in knowing about this coin’s price prediction. According to our predicted data, this coin’s price will increase in the future, and it is a profitable investment. And the price of the coin will not be downward than this, based on our prediction. For example, after one year from now, the coin price will be approximately $1.78, which is almost two times the price. And after two years, the price of the Usdp Binance will become $2.37. And if you hold the coin for as long as seven years, the price may rise as high as $4.71. 

How to buy USDP?

To buy the USDP coin, you need to create an account on the Binance account and then buy Bitcoin on Binance by sending money to your crypto wallet. For the next step, you need to create a Metamask account. 

Now you have to deposit all your Ethereum coins to your Metamask wallet. Lastly, you will have to make your first trade on Sushiswap to get your USDP coin. 


Q1) what is the current Usdp coin price?

Answer) 0.986422USD


In this article, we have talked about Usdp Binance coin and also its price. However, many such coins in the market have been launched, and if you have any more queries, then do let us know. And read here if you want to know about common cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid them.

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