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Uplexo Scam: Is This Site Legit? Explore Full Details On Its Features And Reviews

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Uplexo Scam to learn about features that point out to the cryptocurrency scamming platform.

Uplexo is a new trading platform launched in the United States. However, it claims its existence in the market since June/2018, which clued about its authenticity. Uplexo allows trading of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, ETH, Etc. But do you know about the legitimacy of Uplexo? Let’s check about Uplexo Scam.

The features of Uplexo:

Uplexo.com did not mention the customer service contact number or email. It offered unrealistic promotions, including referral commission between 2.5% to 50%, an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of up to 18%, rewards of 18K USDT for depositors, falsifying data about 45+ million users on its platform, $2,245,993,681+ trading volume within 24-hrs, 700+ Virtual Assets Prime, and other offers that are too good to be true.

Uplexo claimed that Hank Weizen is its founder. But, no such disclosure was made in the news media. The content, privacy policies, terms of use, security and risk warning, Etc., were found plagiarised from several cryptocurrency sites, answering Is Uplexo Legit. However, the regulation and licensing details were unspecified. 

Uplexo opted for aggressive up-selling by targeting Cryptocurrency Owners, Social Media Users, primarily via TikTok, Aspiring Investors, Young Grownup, and Referral Seekers, with the help of unrealistic pyramid schemes and by driving traffic to Uplexo.com.

No verifiable information about Uplexo was found. Uplexo provided options for depositing funds, but no withdrawal options were offered. Several user accounts disappeared after depositing funds. However, Uplexo charges 0.20% commission to general users and 0.14% for premium users.

About Uplexo:

Uplexo.com is a new platform claiming to facilitate quick, easy, and secured cryptocurrency investment in Uplexo Bitcoin. It offered personalized white-glove account management for competitive pricing, exceptional liquidity, and investor empowerment. It mentioned the physical address as 1 Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland, which shows the museum on the map. Hence, the address is incomplete and fake.

The legitimacy of Uplexo:

Uplexo.com was registered in the high-risk country Iceland on 16th/August/2023. It is a 5-day-old website with a short life expectancy. Its registration will expire on 16th/August/2024. Several scammers were identified using the same Uplexo, NameCheap, Inc registrar.

Uplexo.com gained a poor 26% trust, 39.8% business, 32% suspicion, 40% phishing, 48% threat, and spam scores, cluing about Uplexo Scam. It gained a zero Alexa rank and 1/100 Domain Authority. Hence, Uplexo.com is a highly risky website for financial transactions, user devices, and personal and payment data.

Uplexo.com is not blacklisted and uses a valid HTTPS protocol. Uplexo’s IP has a Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for the next 85-days. Uplexo.com has zero visitors monthly with a $0 traffic value.

Customer reviews:

Uplexo.com does not support customer reviews, ratings, or blogging. Twenty website reviews and six video reviews suggest that Uplexo.com is possibly a scam. Click here to learn about credit card scams, as eight user reviews suggest they did not get their money back due to Uplexo Scam. The users rated Uplexo at 1/5 stars. No reviews or ratings were present elsewhere on social media or the internet.

Social media links:

  • Uplexo is not present on social media.
  • No social media links were included on Uplexo.com
  • Trustedrevie


Uplexo.com is possibly a scam due to its poor trust,business,suspicion,phishing,malware,spam,Alexa, and DA scores. Click here to learn about Trust Index. Due to negative websites, videos, and terrible customer feedback and ratings, Uplexo.com is not recommended. Additionally, the website does not offer withdrawal options. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as Uplexo offered unrealistic APY offers and referral schemes and included misleading information and grammatical errors.

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