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The article on Video Viral Erika TikTok Full has provided details about the Ojol driver’s prank video.

Do you know who Erika Putri is? Why is Erika going viral on social media? Have you watched Erika’s viral video on TikTok? Do you want to read the article on Video Viral Erika TikTok Full? This article will discuss all the facts about Erika’s TikTok video. People from Indonesia and other countries are searching for the video.


Information on the Erika Video 

As per sources, an Indonesian TikToker has been going viral for her recent video, in which she pranked an Ojol driver. In the video, she ordered food from Ojol driver while alone at home. She wore a white crop top and blue jeans; thus, her waist and stomach areas were exposed. The driver was wearing what usually Ojol’s drivers wear. She pranked the driver inappropriately by taking him to the bathroom as per online sources. 

Disclaimer: The video has been removed from the various social media platforms. But the video can be found on Twitter, although we will not link the video in our article.

Details Into Erika’s Prank Video on Instagram

In the prank video, Erika was talking maturely with the Ojol driver. Erika was trying to seduce him and lure him into the prank. She then asked him to accompany her to the bathroom and made him wash her face with a facewash. And at the end, she did branding of the facewash. The major driver was confused by Erika’s action, and he could not understand what she was trying to do. 

Erika usually posts such prank videos on her social media, but this prank was over the top. There are many pranks on her Twitter where she tried to seduce a man and then lure him into the videos, but this was the worst among them.  

Details About Erika Putri

She is a very famous TikTok content creator from Indonesia, and she is a prankster. Most of her content on TikTok is uniquely pranking others, which is why she has garnered over 40 million likes and more than three million followers. 

Please do not get confused with ‘Erica Putri’. She is a famous actress in Indonesia, and she has appeared in searches while finding the TikTok content creator ‘Erika Putri.’ The video of the Ojol prank has been Viral On Reddit and everywhere else for a few days now. However, everyone is still discussing the topic.

Public’s Response to Ojol Driver Prank by Erika

Many people are disgusted and unpleased with the prank; they have complained about the mature content of the video. They did not like the mature and foul language used in the prank video. Many have disliked the video as it is inappropriate, and they think Erika is her culture and traditions. 

Everyone has different opinions on Erika Putri’s Ojol driver prank video. Many people have liked the video and Erika’s comic timing. Thus, the video is also trending on Youtube and TikTok, etc.


The article has explained a prank video made by Erika Putri, an Indonesian TikToker. She pranked an Ojol driver, and this video has sparked various discussions among the netizens. Many people found the video funny and humorous, but on the other hand, many found it inappropriate and offensive. Thus, read the article and decide for yourself. Here is the link for Erika’s official Instagram account

What have you decided? Will you watch the Ojol driver prank video? Let us know once you watch it. 

Updates On Video Viral Erika TikTok Full: FAQs

Q1. Who is Erika Putri?

A1. Erika is a content creator on TikTok, and she is from Indonesia.

Q2. Why is Erika trending on social media platforms?

A2. A few days ago, Erika posted a video of pranking an Ojol driver, and this video is now a topic of discussion. 

Q3. What was she wearing while pranking the driver from Ojol?

A3. She wore blue jeans and a small white crop top exposing her waist. 

Q4. How are the Netizens reacting to this video?

A4. Netizens have found this video very offensive and uncultured. They think that she took things too far for a prank. 

Q5. Is the Ojol Prank video available on Telegram?

A5. Yes, the video can be found on Telegram channels.

Q6. Why were Netizens upset with Erika’s video?

A6. They complained about the content’s maturity and the foul language she used. Also, the video is inappropriate for underage viewers.

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