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Venice Airplane Crash: Where Did The Plane Crash? How Many People Died? Explore Full Information On Venice Florida Airplane Crash

This article provides the details of the Venice Airplane Crash police investigation details and more about the cause of the crash.

Is Venice’s small Airplane crashed? When did the accident happen? What happened to the people who travelled on the plane? The two couples were killed in the Venice plane crash. The couples are flown to Venice from Indiana, United States. Police identified the four people in a plane crash near Venice in the Gulf of Mexico. Read the Venice Airplane Crash article for detailed information about the airplane crash.


Venice Plane Crash

In Venice’s small plane crash, four people died Wednesday night in the Gulf of Mexico. The Venice Fire rescue team reported identifying the bodies adjacent to the Venice Fishing Pier. Police and the fire department of Venice received calls from many witnesses about the crash. 

And Venice police department and fire department rushed and responded the night at 9:30 p.m. Multiple witnesses from the fishing pier explained the crash within a half-mile of the landing at the Gulf of Mexico.

Venice Florida Airplane Crash

In that Venice, Florida plane crash, the rescue team identified the bodies of two men and two women. The Venice rescue team searched the plane on Wednesday night. By that time, they had recovered only two bodies. And the next day morning, the rescue team searched in the water and recovered two more bodies. 

The Venice Police Department identified the couple’s name, age, and place. Both couples were flown from Indiana. The passengers’ names and ages are Pilot William Lumpkin, 64 years old, Ricky Beaver, 60 years old, Patricia Lumpkin, 68-year-old and Elizabeth Beaver, 57 years old.

More about Airplane Crash and Death

The police department reported on Thursday afternoon about the airplane crash. Police stated that the group of people flew a Piper PA-32R single-engine plane. The people journeyed from Albert Whitted Airport, Florida’s St. Petersburg, to Venice. 

The people arrived at 5 p.m. and met friends at Sharky’s On the Pier for dinner. After dinner, they started around 9:35 p.m. at Venice Municipal Airport.

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Venice Airplane Crash Investigation

According to the Venice Police Investigation, the people flying from the small place from Florida to Venice. After dinner with their friends, they started their journey from Venice Municipal Airport. The Airplane crashed immediately after take-off around 9:30 p.m.

Venice police department is continuing the investigation process with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the FAA also investigated the cause of the plane crash. And also Wildlife Conservation Commission and Florida Fish crews are involved in the investigation. The airplane pier will remain closed for the further investigation process.

Similar Venice Airplane Crash

Venice is located on Florida’s Gulf Coast and 58 miles south of St. Petersburg. A similar airplane crash happened last December in Venice. In that Airplane crash, a couple and their kid, a family of three members, died. The investigation team called it an unusual crash, and they suggested there was a connection between these two incidents.

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There are four people died in a small airplane crash in Venice. Police found similarities between the previous crash and the recent crash. Watch Venice plane crash investigation details in this link.

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Venice Airplane Crash: FAQ

Q1. How did the people Die?

People died in a small airplane crash.

Q2. Where did the plane crash?

At the Gulf of Mexico near Venice.

Q3. Where do they come from?


Q4. How many people died?

Four people

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