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Lindsay Clancy Reddit: Who Is Her Husband? Also Explore More Details On Her Kids, Court, Story, Parents, Hearing, Facebook, And Instagram Post

In Lindsay Clancy Reddit, we will read about her case and know the updates and what happened in the court.

Have you heard the news of Lindsay Clancy? What does she do to her kids? People across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are shocked after knowing this case. If you also want to know about the whole incident, let us get to know through Lindsay Clancy Reddit post.


What happened in Lindsay’s case?

According to the prosecution, Lindsay Clancy is accused of organizing planned killings. She gave herself the time and space necessary to execute the whole incident. Clancy then strangled each child in the setting where they felt the safest, at home with their mom. Clancy, a Mother of three children, appeared in the court on Tuesday from her hospital bed. 

Judge John Canavan instructed Lindsay to stay in her current hospital until doctors gave her the all-clear to transfer to another one. He refused bail for Lindsay, in the Hearing noting that her paralysis following her jump from the second-story window, she poses a negligible flight risk. The case will re-open once her therapy is finished, he added. Lindsay must return to court on May 2.


All details collected from online sources. 

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What was the whole incident, and what happened in the past?

Before the whole incident took place, Lindsay had suicidal tendencies in December of 2022 and had thoughts of injuring her KidsThe prosecution claimed she checked herself into a cerebral institution in Boston on January 1 and was discharged on January 5.

However, again on January 24, Clancy planned a situation in which she had enough time to strangle her children. After executing the killings, Lindsay locked herself in a room and cut her wrist. Next, she jumped from the 2nd-floor window of her house. She is Paralyzed bottom half of her body following this incident.

What Patrick Clancy has to say in all these?

Patrick reportedly informed police on January 24, on the eve of the killings; Lindsay was having one of her best days after she had been released from the hospital. It seems there was no sign that the woman intended to hurt the children because “she was smiling and joyful.”

As per online sources, Lindsay allegedly confessed to the crimes, telling Patrick, her Husband, that she had a “moment of stress” after hearing a man’s voice instruct her to kill the children and herself because it was her final chance, according to the prosecution.

What defence has to argue in this case?

Défense lawyer, Kevin Reddington, claimed Lindsay’s postpartum and potential postpartum psychosis were caused by the several medications doctors gave her to address her despair and anxiety after giving birth to her third child. In the Courthe argued Clancy needs intensive medical treatment, so it would not be fair to keep her in jail as she undergoes rehabilitation.


Lindsay Clancy is accused of the organized killing of her three children. After killing, she jumped from the three-Story buildings. She is now admitted to the hospital and attended court from her bed. You can read here about postpartum psychosis here.

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Lindsay Clancy case- Children who died and other FAQs

Q1. What happened in Lindsay Clancy’s case?

The judge did not give Lindsay bail but gave her time to recover from her condition, and the proceeding will begin.

Q2. What were the names of the kids?

Her kids’ names were Cora, five years; Dawson, three years and Callan, eight months.

Q3. What do their Parents names?

Their parents’ names are Patrick Clancy and Lindsay Clancy.

Q4. When did the incident take place?

It occurred on January 24 in the family’s Duxbury home.

Q5. What do people have to say about this incident?

People are shocked after knowing about this incident and posting their reactions on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and other media.

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