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Bold Business Scam: What Is Their Range Of Salary Offered? Know Details On Previous Froud

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Bold Business Scam to learn how scammers took advantage of Bold Business’s presence on LinkedIn.

Bold Business is multi-national company registered in Tempe, AZ, United States. It provides services in broad verticals. Most of its services are related to voice-based, semi-voice-based, and non-voice-based customer service, covering various industries. But scammers took advantage of its popularity and plotted a Scam! Let’s check about Bold Business Scam.

About Bold Business Fraud:

Bold Business is a genuine business entity providing legitimate services in CRM, software development, marketing, business process optimization, SEO, Etc. @Boldbusiness profile is present on LinkedIn, which is used by professionals for reference and for applying for jobs.

However, its presence on LinkedIn was taken advantage of by scammers. The story of Bold Business fraud was highlighted by a video post on TikTok. A job candidate named Jenn posted a video in which she was seen crying about how she was looted with Bold Business job offer. Bold Business Salary for executives ranges between $41,353 to $63,037.

On her TikTok account – @lolleavemyspamalone, Jenn stated that she was contacted by a representative posing as a LinkedIn recruiter for Bold Business. The recruiter informed about the interview process and requested Jenn to install a Wired video calling application on her device. 

Jenn was carried away by the job offer as Bold Business is a reputed firm and is present on LinkedIn. At that point in time, Jenn was slightly suspicious about why the recruiter had asked her to install the Wired application, as Zoom and other applications are more popular and used mainly by HR recruiters; which clued on Bold Business Scam.

However, Jenn proceeded and installed the Wired app. Soon, she received a call from the same LinkedIn recruiter. The interview was brief and straightforward. She was informed that she was selected for the posting and offered a remote job. Generally, remote jobs require employees to work from home or any remote location. For this purpose, a laptop, internet connection, and basic word processing application are needed.

The fake LinkedIn recruiter stated about their authorized suppliers providing laptops. To obtain the laptop, Jenn should transfer $2,400 to the supplier’s account. This $2,400 will be paid by the recruiter in the form of a check; which was a Bold Business Scam.

The recruiter then presented an e-check to Jenn, which should be printed and presented to the bank. This way, Jenn will get $2,400 credited to her account. Till now, the process looked genuine. As the recruiter had already presented a check to Jenn, it boosted her confidence, giving an impression of an authentic online recruitment process.

Jenn presented the check to her bank and initiated a transfer of $2,400 to the supplier’s account. But, after a few days, her bank informed Jenn that the check had bounced. The bank sent an email notification to Jenn that her account had insufficient funds, which was a shock to Jenn.

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Bold Business Scam:

On verifying the bank transactions, Jenn realized that her payment to the supplier was successful, but the check presented by the fake LinkedIn recruiter had bounced, resulting in insufficient funds. It was when Jenn realized that the whole recruitment process was a scam!

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Bold Business is a legitimate service provider, with its website launched 19-years ago. Bold Business scored 100% business and trust index and low 8% suspicion score. Taking advantage of its reputation, several scammers looted candidates eagerly seeking jobs in well-established firms. Please be cautious about the online requirement involving Bold Business and always apply on official Bold Business website.

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