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AMA Official Trending Video: Is It Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Know Facts!

The article below has briefly explained the AMA Official Trending Video. We also reveal the person who leaked the video and its outcome.

Did you know the outcome of the AMA Trending video? A video is going viral on social media, gaining public attention. People from Ghana, Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, and other nations are curious about the video. They want to know what is in the video and why it is a talk center. 

If you are curious about the same and want to know all the information, you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about the AMA Official Trending Video with all the relevant information.


Why is the AMA video going viral?

A Tik Toker with the username of an AMA official faced the spotlight of the Media when her private video went viral on the Internet. This video was an explicit video with many adult scenes.

When this video went viral, people suddenly started to recognize AMA and circulated it with her name. People on the platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok misused them for their views. 

What AMA said about the Viral On Reddit video?

When AMA learned about the viral video, she did not keep her calm. She addressed the Internet and refused all the allegations. She said that the girl in the video was not her. 

She asked the people who leaked the video to meet her at her birthplace with the proof. And she also added that she would curse whoever was trying to spread the rumor.

How AMA become famous on Tiktok?

AMA started her TikTok account during the Covid period. At that time, people were investing their time in such Platforms. She also took her chance, and people loved her content. With going time, people started following her, and she became a TikTok star. 

People used to search for her and visit her account to see her content. People can find more about her on Youtube channels.

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Ama has denied the allegations and said the girl in the video is not her. She has also asked the person behind the video to meet her in person. 

Do you think someone has plotted against her just to defame her? Let us know your thoughts and how you like the article in the comment section below.

Ama viral Telegram video Information (FAQs)

1-Was the AMA viral video posted on Telegram?


2-Who was the person who posted the explicit video?

A-Asantewaa, along with her sibling.

3-What was the sibling’s name who recorded the video?

A-Kay Verli.

4- How many views did the AMA video get?

A-22.1 million.

5-Is the video still available on TikTok?

A- Yes, it’s still available in the form of links.

6- Did she file a complaint about a viral Instagram video?

A- She has not stated anything about it.

7-On which platform people can get the links to the video?

A- It is openly available on Telegram.

8-Did Twitter take down the video?

A- Yes, Twitter took down most of the videos.

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