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Unqt Token Price (Aug 2021) Price, Contract Address

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Are you more towards investing in utility tokens rather than other functionary tokens offered by Crypto Coin markets? Well, many of you must be!

So today, we thought of talking about Unqt Token Price, which are used commonly in Iran. Utility tokens allow users to access services and products easily. But how do these digital coins operates in markets? What’s the method of purchasing this coin? Here’s all you must know about beforehand and plan whether you should invest in these coins or not.

What Is Unqt Token?

The unique utility token is denoted as Unqt. The Token is made available for trade on Uniswap V3, SushiSwap and Uniswap V2. This coin is very recently produced. The earliest possible trading data of this currency is on 2021 April. 

By name the tokens tends to be a utility token. But this may not be certain as Very little information about the Unique utility Token is found, so let’s look at Unqt Token Price in the further demonstration.

Who Is The Founder Of Unique Utility Token?

The founders and CEO of this coin is still unknown to its holders. As the unqt Token is very new, The details regarding the token and its founder is not seen.

Unqt Token Daily Performance:

The current value of the utility token is 1.3601 USD. It’s noted that the currency in the previous twenty-four hours is down by 38%. The market capital of unique utility Coin is unknown. Unqt twenty-four-hour volume is $4.10 million.

The Coin has had a transparent volume of 25% over the past day and is trading on an active market on three platforms.

Unqt Token Price:

  • Price of Unique Utility Token: $1.4366
  • Price change: – $0.760589
  • All-time high: $7.9231
  • Volume change: $1,449,673
  • Exchange Volume (Uniswap) V2-29%
  • Exchange Volume (Uniswap) V3-26%
  • Exchange Volume Sushiswap- 58%

About Unique Utility Coin:

  • Coin name: Unique Utility Coin 
  • Symbol used: UNQT
  • Contract Address: 0xa80f2c8f61c56546001f5fc2eb8d6e4e72c45d4c
  • Block Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa80f2c8f61c56546001f5fc2eb8d6e4e72c45d4c

Live Price Details:

The current Live price of this coin is $1.5697. The Coin is down by 26% over the past twenty-four-hour hours. The market capital rank of this coin is 2212. This token is presented for trade on three platforms. The all-time high of this coin is $7.9231. So this was about Unqt Token Price 

How To Buy Unique Utility Coin?

The coin is the newest in the market and requires more days to get answers of  how to it. Therefore, we recommend to follow the purchasing steps as similar to other Crypto coins. This might help people out in collecting this token easily.

The good thing about this coin is its availability on three exchange platforms where one may easily trade this coin.

Read here to Buy this coin from the Uniswap V3 exchange

To get this coin from another exchange platform, you may also visit Uniswap V2 and Sushiswap exchanges. But please try to note Unqt Token Price first.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What’s the short term used for Unique Utility Token?

Ans. The unique utility token symbol is UNQT

  1. What’s the contract address for UNQT?

Ans. 0xa80f2c8f61c56546001f5fc2eb8d6e4e72c45d4c

  1. Is there any recent news about this coin?

Ans. No

  1. How much is this token worth today?

Ans. $1.7288

  1. When did this unique utility Coin started?

Ans. The coin data was shown earliest on 2021st April 


Well, we came across very few portals sharing the information about UNQT Coin. However, Unqt Token Price Data is made available to us. 

Do you have more information about this coin? Then, do share with us in the comments below! Here’s The List Of Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading:

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