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{Unedited} Mandy Rose Fantime Leaks: Check The Content Details Of Her Leaked Photos, and Videos On Her Fantime Page!

The article on Mandy Rose Fantime Leaks has discussed the important details of the controversy. Please read below.

Do you know who Mandy Rose is? What controversy was she involved in? What happened to her? Let us discuss all the details about the recent controversy of Mandy Rose Fantime Leaks and some personal facts.

In Canada, the United States, the United KingdomAustralia, and France, fans of Mandy are shocked to find out about her release from WWE after controversial updates. 


Recent Updates About the Controversy

The wrestling world has released the former title holder of NXT Women’s WWE Championship over her objectionable content leak on the internet. This step was taken on Tuesday, and the fans worldwide are shaken. Rose was the title holder for 413 days. 

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Some pictures and videos have been leaked online, which made it public that Rose used to upload her naked Photos on Brand Army’s network. That explicit content was actually for her premium subscribers.  

Who Is Mandy Rose?

Mandy Rose is a professional American wrestler. She is signed to WWE brand, where she performs on the NXT brand. She is a former NXT Women’s Champion. Amanda’s (popularly known as Mandy) birth place is Westchester County, NY. On 18th July, 1990 she was born. Her wrestling career began in 2015. She signed with WWE in 2016 and was assigned to the NXT brand.

Recently she was fired from the wrestling world over the leak of her controversial and naked content, which was supposed to be premium content of her Fantime Name.

In November 2017, Rose won the NXT Women’s Championship. She held the title for over two months before losing it to Ember Moon. Rose made her main roster debut on the December 18, 2018, episode of SmackDown Live. She has since competed in several matches on Raw and SmackDown.


Who Is Mandy Rose

More Details On The Leaked Video And The Controversy

The photos and content of Mandy Rose that got leaked in public were illegal. Because her subscribers pay a fixed amount over the private network to follow her and have access to the explicit photos on her paywall account.

Shortly after the Leaked Video surfaced, WWE fired her and took her title. Her fans are agonised by the act of WWE, and they are trending a hashtag “rehireMandyRose.” Her fans wanted her to be reinstated as the WWE title holder.

Mandy Rose’s Social-Media

She has over 3.4 million followers, 2566 posts, and she follows 896 people.

  • Facebook: Her Facebook account is inaccessible.
  • Twitter


The article discusses information about the WWE star and champion Mandy Rose. Rose has been involved in a controversy related to the leak of her Nude photos. Know details about Mandy Rose here.

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What are her Nude Photos – Read FAQs

Q1. What is Mandy Rose’s Net worth?

Her net worth is around $5 Million (an estimate).

Q2. Has Mandy Rose retired from WWE?

She hasn’t retired but has been fired from the WWE world due to controversial content.

Q3. Is Mandy Rose married?

No, but she is engaged to Sabatino Piscitelli.

Q4. What happened with Mandy Rose on Brand Army?

Mandy has a Brand army account, on which she posts explicit content for paid premium subscribers. But the Mandy Rose Fantime Leaks controversy surfaced.

Q5. Does Rose have accounts on Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, she has accounts on Twitter and Facebook. She has millions of followers. We have linked her accounts under the Social Media section above.

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