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{Full Watch} Un Hombre Y Dos Cucharas Video on Twitter: What is 1 Hombre 2 Gore? Check Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram Links!

Get the complete information on the Un Hombre Y Dos Cucharas Video on Twitter and find more relevant information about the disastrous scenario.

Have you seen a disastrous video on social media where a man pulls out his eyeballs? As per the sources, the man in the video belongs to Mexico. The viral video contains a contagious Taboo scenario.

People are widely reacting to the video and trying to discover why this person did that. Therefore, let’s find out the complete story of the Un Hombre Y Dos Cucharas Video on Twitter.

The Controversial Video

A 40-minute clip is going viral on Twitter and Reddit, sharing a terrifying scenario where a man scoops out his eyeballs with the help of two spoons. Netizens who witnessed the trending video were stunned to see how it was possible to harm themselves so badly. 

Initially, the video gained popularity through TikTok; later, it was shared on multiple other social platforms where people watched the video and reported it. Additionally, the disturbing video of plucking out eyeballs didn’t last long on social media platforms due to the violation policy. People find a video contagious and unsettling, while few people react to the viral video.

1 Hombre 2 Cucharas Gore 

The Viral video is trending on social media with the caption or title 1 Hombre and 2 Cucharas. It is a Spanish sentence which means a man and two spoons. The video indicates a man who used two spoons to pull out his eyeballs. The short viral video created chaos on social media, and people found the video disturbing and inhuman. 

However, everyone is focusing on the intention of the man to do such a terrible act. Until now, there has been no clarification or any statement given by the man about the incident. The authorities filed a case on self-harming and issued a report to cyber security to eliminate the video from social media.

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Identity of Mad Man

Watching the YouTube video, people are searching for the identity of the man who committed self-harm. However, the madman is hospitalized after committing a serious crime and making a terrible video of oozing out eyeballs. The doctor is examining the patient’s medical condition and trying to find out if he has any mental disorders. 

Until now, there is no information about the man, and people are scrolling Instagram to find any identity of the person. Additionally, if there is any identity proof of the men, doctors and authorities didn’t give it to the media. Overall, people are troubled by the madman’s actions and are waiting for the police to take strict action regarding the case because it is considered a suicide attempt. 

Is it possible to pull out eyeballs with a spoon?

Doctors eventually pull out the ice balls to operate in severe conditions, but that process involves multiple precautions and expertise. Dragging out eyeballs with the spoons can be very painful and breathtaking. The madman was so crazy that he did this terrible act and recorded it.

People on Telegram 

Although social media is mainly evacuated from the disastrous video, people have saved the video for telegram. Therefore, many people who want to see the dreadful scenario can get from telegram private accounts. 

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Anyone remember 1 Guy 2 Spoons? Seems pretty fitting for this sub lol. Anyone know if this vid is real btw? I remember it looking so real when I first watched it but now it looks kinda fake to me, not sure why, I’ll let you guys be the judge of that though.
by u/broccolibadass in eyeblech


Final Verdict 

A less than-a-minute video goes viral on social media, where a man uses two spoons to pull out his eyeballs. The scenario was so disastrous that people found it very disappointing and frightening. However, there is no information about the identity of the man.

What are your thoughts regarding the man’s action? Comment Below.

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