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Ukraine Money To PHP (February 2022) The Current Value!

The details below are essential to inform you about converting your Ukraine Money to PHP and other related details.

Are you worried about the Ukrainian currency and want to know how it will perform in the coming days? Do you want to convert your Ukrainian currency to some other stable currency to secure your hard-earned wealth? Then you are at the right place for your answer.

With Ukraine tumbling under Russian forces, you may convert your Ukrainian money to some other currency. However, people of the Philippines currently in Ukraine are currently more interested in converting their Ukraine Money to PHP (Philippine Peso). Details have been provided for these people below.

Introducing Ukrainian Currency

The national currency of Ukraine has been Hryvnia since 1996. It is further divided into 100 Kopiyok. It is issued and maintained by the National Bank of Ukraine. After the Asian financial crisis, the currency was devalued accordingly to UAH 5.6 = USD 1.00 in February 2000.

After that, the Hryvnia remained stable till financial global financial crisis in 2008. Then, it was again pegged at UAH 8 = USD 1.00. Post-2014 political instability in Ukraine, it was allowed to free float. Thus, it came down to UAH 33 = USD 1.00 before recovering to UAH 24= USD 1.00 in 2019.

The above information is necessary to introspect about Ukraine Money to PHP and related future.

About The Philippine Peso (PHP)

The Central Bank of the Philippines controls the Country’s monetary policy and currency-related issues. The Philippine peso, denoted by the symbol “₱” is the official currency of the Philippines. It is subdivided into 100 sentimo.

Post Asian financial crisis it was heavily devalued from PHP 26 = USD 1 in 1997 to PHP 50 = USD 1 in 2001. Currently, it is a free-floating currency. Current Issues Governing Ukraine Money to PHP

For Ukrainian Money

  • Russia’s attack on Ukraine led to the suspension of the Country’s currency market temporarily by the National Bank of Ukraine.
  • Cash withdrawal has been limited to a maximum of 100,000 Ukrainian Hryvnia a day.
  • The PFTS stock exchange was temporarily suspended on Thursday.

For Philippine Peso

  • Rising oil prices due to Ukraine – Russia war leading to falling PHP against USD.
  • Speculation about the nation’s growing trade deficit with growing domestic demand.
  • In its monetary policy report, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas predicted the exchange rate outlook of between Php048.00 to Php53.00 per $1 for 2022 and 2023.

Ukraine Money to PHP

Currently 1.00 Ukrainian Hryvnia =1.7196284 Philippine Pesos.

  • 1 UAH — 1. 7196284 PHP
  • 5 UAH — 8.59645 PHP
  • 10 UAH — 17.1929 PHP
  • 25 UAH — 42.9822 PHP
  • 50 UAH — 85.9645 PHP
  • 100 UAH — 171.929 PHP
  • 500 UAH — 859.645 PHP
  • 1,000 UAH — 1,719.29 PHP
  • 5,000 UAH — 8,596.45 PHP
  • 10,000 UAH — 17,192.9 PHP
  • 50,000 UAH — 85,964.5 PHP

1 Ukrainian Hryvnia to Philippine Peso Statistics

Last 30 Days Last 90 Days
High 1.8456 1.8766
Low 1.7109 1.7109
Average 1.8000 1.8296
Volatility 0.95% 0.68%

The Related Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can you currently convert Ukraine Money to PHP directly on the Currency market?

A1. No, it cannot be traded directly as the National Bank of Ukraine has temporarily suspended the currency market.

Q2. How can you convert Ukrainian Hryvnia to PHP?

A2. You can first withdraw cash in Ukrainian Hryvnia and then get it converted to USD, and that USD can be further converted to PHP.

The Final Verdict

The market in the world is currently volatile considering the Geopolitical tumult around the world. If we talk about Ukrainian Hryvnia, it is currently the most vulnerable currency. However, the conversion of Ukraine Money to PHP is currently halted, but you can follow the above process to convert your currency if you are in urgent need. For more latest updates, read here.

Do you have any queries? Please comment below your thoughts and opinions.

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