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Ufo Congressional Hearing Reddit: Is There Any Related Information Or Pictures On UFO Congressional Hearing Recap? Read Here Complete Statement Of Grush On Congressional Hearing Aliens

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Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) is officially termed Unidentified Ariel Phenomena(UAP) in government records. Retired Major David Grusch said the U.S. government has been aware of non-human existence since 1930. What more revelations were made by Grusch? UFO Congressional Hearing went viral Worldwide, including people from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom asking on social media if people from N.Z. were watching it. Let’s check more details of UFO Congressional Hearing Reddit.

About UFO Congressional Hearing:

The UFO Congressional Hearing hearing was held on Wednesday, 26th/July/2023, with three people testifying before the committee. Committee aims to investigate potential presence of UFOs and truth about UAPs. One testimonial was from a former Navy pilot, one was from a retired Navy commander, and one was from a former intelligence officer.

The committee consisted of lawmakers who posed several questions to discover existence of extraterrestrial beings. Lawmakers alleged that government did not provide related information and pictures that could contribute to investigation and towards the UFO Congressional Hearing Recap. At the same time, Nasa and government deny allegations stating that there is no potential evidence of existence of UFOs.

The intelligence officer Ronald Moultrie considered UFOs a security threat and stated that any unauthorized system in U.S. airspace is deemed a threat to safety. The comments came out after response of Grusch in front of the committee.

Grusch stated that he got access to second-hand records of a Navy official. In other words, Grusch did not witness UFOs or phenomena. Grusch said that dead bodies were recovered after UAP. Grusch stated that remains recovered were Non-human biologics, indicating presence of UFOs.

Congressional Hearing Aliens limitations by Grusch:

Grusch claimed that several pilots were subjected to physical harm by UFOs. However, as a National Reconnaissance Office agency operating U.S. spy satellites, he was denied information related to UFO crashes, information retrieval, and facts related to reverse engineering programs.

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Grusch stated that he was subjected to public criticism, which had hurt him personally and professionally. After meeting ended, there were reports of several persons coming forward as whistleblowers to testify as witnesses. With news of UFO Congressional Hearing, several videos circulated on social media, news websites, and online featuring UFOs captured by pilots and navy.

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UFO Congressional Hearing Reddit – FAQ

1Q. What was reaction of people to UFO Congressional Hearing?

People speculated that Democratic Party is trying to cover up facts about UFOs and UAPs.

2Q. Did U.S. government take any steps against UFOs and UAPs?

Both Democrats and Republicans governments had pushed for more research on sightings of UFOs and UAPs.

3Q. What is being re-engineered by defence agencies?

Grusch, who informed about agencies re-engineering alien technologies, stated that he could not reveal full facts due to some restrictions.

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