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Uck Queen Arrested: Check What She Posted on Social Media Platforms!

Read this article, and you will be able to learn the reason why Uck Queen Arrested and when she is going to come out of Prison.

Have you ever heard about Uck Queen? Did you come to know that she got arrested recently? Do you know what the reason behind her Arrest is? Did she have HIV? Do you want all this updated under the same roof and select our portal to get it?

News has been circulating over the web once the United Kingdom Police sent Uck Queen to Prison. Many viewers have been searching for articles about the reason behind the Uck Queen Arrested. Now follow this article to get a one-stop solution from this portal.


Queen Arrest: Uck

Uck queen has been getting famous due to some mature behaviour. As per the source, the original name of Uck Queen is Charmine Louise. Metropolitan Police have been informed about Uck Queen for posting indecent videos online, and minors are watching it.

Police had also informed she is HIV+ and does inappropriate activities with 15-year-old kids, which is Illegal in the UK. This is why she was arrested, and police have also been looking into whether she transmitted HIV to others. Tap on this link, and you will discover more facts on Twitter about Uck Queen Arrested

 Social Media Accounts for Uck Queen:

  • @UckQueenDa1st is the Twitter account’s ID, and her Twitter account’s Url Link is.
  • We have also found Uck Queen information on Reddit, and viewers can find it here.

 Social Media Accounts for Uck Queen

  • The Instagram account for Uck Queen is new, and here is the detail.

Details of Uck Queen Arrested

Uck Queen is now 20 years old and has created 18+ content and posts on social media. As per the metropolitan police, if police found her guilty of transmitting HIV, she would have to spend 32 weeks in Jail.

Parents of Charmine Louise?

No information has been available about the parents of Uck Queen (Charmine Louise) till now. If we find any details, we will provide you with information through this website.

Final Verdict:

Uck Queen has been famous due to posting sensational videos on Snapchat. Recently, Metropolitan police received a complaint about Uck Queen, who is HIV+ and transmitting to others. Police have arrested her and are investigating her for transmitting HIV to others.

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Uck Queen Arrested: FAQs 

1 Why did the Uck Queen Get arrested?

Due to posting 18 + content and provoking minors.

2 What is the age of the Uck Queen?

20 years old.

3 Where did Uck queen post videos?

At Snapchat.

4 When did Uck queen start using Snapchat?

From 2011.

5 Which police receive the complaint against the Uck Queen?

Metropolitan Police.

6 How long has the Uck queen been sent to Prison?

32 weeks.

7 In the UK what is the legal age to watch mature content?


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