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Uaw Leaked Messages: Uaw Strike Details On Update Negotiations, And Strike 2023

We bring to you extensive details and Update Uaw Leaked Messages Negotiations and Strike 2023.

The UAW message created distrust among General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis owners and workers from the United States. Did you know the message that was reported by news media is now unavailable for public access? What was the Update Uaw Leaked Messages about?

Uaw Leaked Messages:

The contract of United Automobile Workers (UAW) came to an end on the midnight of 14th/September/2023. UAW slowly joined a strike for better benefits. Initially, on 15th/September/2023, 13K workers were reported to be a part of the strike. By 22nd/September/2023, 18,300+ workers are participating in the strike.

Amid the situation, Shawn Fain, the president of UAW, tweeted a private message stating – keep them wounded for months! 

Uaw Strike 2023:

The Twitter message by Shawn was discovered by a new media, after which Furman (from UAW’s media communication team) called it a private message. This message is currently inaccessible.

On 15th/September/2023, Shawn’s intentions were clear as he called for workers from additional plants to become a part of a stand-up and also a sit-down strike.

However, the tweet by Shawn hurts the credibility of UAW as it was understood by his message that he is encouraging UAW to strike for pressurizing the automakers to accept their demands. 

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Uaw Strike Update:

After the leaked message of the UAW president was exposed, several automakers stated that it was a shame for UAW to opt for such tactics. The UAW is demanding:

  1. At least a 36% increase in their salaries over a period of the upcoming four-year contract,
  2. About 40% increase in hourly wages,
  3. Adjustment to the annual cost of living,
  4. Greater job security,
  5. Traditional Pension benefits for all employees, and
  6. Four-day work week.

Considering the demands by UAW, the automakers, as a part of Uaw Negotiations, offered:

  • Approximately 20% increase in hourly wages,
  • More amount of bonus,
  • Platinum health care, etc.

The automakers stated that they were aiming to get the contract renewed before it ended on 14th/September/2023. The automakers have several restrictions on the benefits that they offer. It is because the automakers want to bring electric cars to the market at affordable prices. It requires cost control. Hence, automakers have a set amount of benefits to be offered as part of their contract.

Uaw Negotiations:

UAW is struggling for better benefits for more than 146K+ contract workers. Therefore, automakers and the UAW had not reached a conclusive contract. Increasing the wages immediately and salaries over a period of time suggests an additional financial burden on automakers. It would ultimately result in recovering the costs by increasing the prices of vehicles, including much-required electric vehicles. 

The UAW strike has caused operational chaos and reputation damage to the automakers. Shawn, in his public posts on Twitter about the UAW Strike Update, issued a public statement that UAW is available for negotiations 24/7, which contradicts his private message to keep the automakers wounded for months.

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The private message raged disappointment and anger among automakers. GM, in an email, stated that UAW leadership intended to disrupt the automaker’s business for months, regardless of the harm it caused to the community and its members. A public statement released by the leadership team of Ford and Stellantis regarding UAW Strike 2023 showed their disappointment regarding the UAW approach.

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