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Twitter Shutting Down Reddit: What Happened to Twitter Ultimatum? Explore Reason & Related Video to Find Facts!

This below post will discuss the chaos after spreading the Twitter Shutting Down Reddit news and related facts.

What would happen if you suddenly heard that your favourite social media platform was shutting down? You would panic and want to save your real stuff and even want to reason behind that sudden shutdown. 

Just the way everyone around the Philippines, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom wants to know the reason for Twitter shutting down. To know more about Twitter Shutting Down Reddit, read the blog till last.

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Is twitter permanently shut down?

Twitter experienced a massive turnover after a huge mass of its employees decided to resign on Thursday. So, now people are curious to know why such a massive mass of employees have decided to quit Twitter tremendously. No worries, here is the answer.

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has decided to launch a vision known as “Twitter 2.0”. In this vision, the employees must require high intensity with long hours. Besides this, the employees have been given stick obligations either to follow these rules seriously, or they can quit the job with severance pay.

As soon as employees received this ultimatum, 180 people chose to quit Twitter which is 42%. Thus, this is the Reason why Twitter headquarters experienced a temporary shutdown. 

Removing such mass employees makes people worried about who will maintain the system and fix the bugs. Besides, after this incident, the employee version’s site began to experience slow down, and data estimate that the public version of Twitter is at high risk of collapsing. 

What is the reaction of the people?

The people are genuinely concerned that Twitter is about to close. Thus, many are making fun of the situation, sharing memes and Videos of this tense situation. 

In addition, the Former minister and avid Twitter Fawad Chaudhry tweeted that he couldn’t imagine the world, so he asked the Twitter and Tesla CEO to stop giving him goosebumps. Moreover, even Elon Musk has joined the fun with Tweets over Twitter. 

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Twitter’s shutting down news was spread like wildfire when about 180 employees decided to quit their job after Elon Musk’s new ultimatum. Though the news of its shutdown has yet to be officially confirmed, people are assuming it.

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Twitter Shutting Down Reddit– FAQs

Q1. What is Elon Musk’s new Twitter Ultimatum to its employees?

Elon Musk has asked its employees either to work with “Twitter 2.0” or leave the job. “Twitter 2.0” requires more working hours with high intensity.

Q2. Is Twitter shutting down?

There is no official confirmation of this news; only people assume that Twitter is about to shut down.

Q3. How many employees have been resigning after Elon Musk this ultimatum?

Approx. One hundred eighty employees have resigned from Twitter after Elon Musk’s ultimatum.

Q4. Is Twitter Explore also getting shut down?

No, there is no official statement about Twitter Explore’s shutting down. 

Q5. How many employees decided to quit? 

180 employees

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