Tvk Coin Yorum (August) How To Buy? Contract Address

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Tvk Coin Yorum (August) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the cross-platform NFT ecosystem and the reviews of the native token.

A new immersive collectable ecosystem has been launched across AR, VR, and Mobile with innovative gaming, social and creative experiences. The blockchain system backs the platform, and it is referred to as TVK or Terra Virtua Kolect. 

The voyage starts with buying unique digital assets shared between friends, trade, and play, enjoy and exhibit. The platform allows users to buy digital art that is shared both via VR and online. It even allows trading the assets within the community. 

The platform uses the native token Tvk Coin. Besides, the Tvk Coin Yorum tells that it has many holders in Turkey

What is Tvk Coin?

TVK or Terra Virtua Kolect is the newly launched cross-platform NFT ecosystem, offering a comprehensive platform for NFT collectors and creators to interact efficiently. The ecosystem spans PC, the web world, and mobile VR/AR environments. 

The platform partners focus on creating digital assets, including Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entrainment. The platform uses the native token Terra Virtua Kolect Coin for trading, staking, and transactions with the ticker symbol TVK. 

The Tvk Coin Yorum confirms that the platform has many users in Turkey as it is used as a renowned trading platform for buying and trading NFTs, apps using NFTs with AR, and PC apps for reviewing the NFTs in 3D.      

Who are the Founders?

As per the sources, the CEO of TVK is Gary Bracey, and before launching the NFT platform, he served within the gaming industry for over three decades. He worked in leading companies, including Digimask, Ocean Software, and more. 

The co-founder and CTO of TVK is Jawad Ashra, and before joining TVK, he served as an insurance agent, risking management expert, energy trading, and mobile apps expert. 

What Tvk Coin Yorum Confirms About Market Cap, Supply, and Live Price?

  • Based on the live data on significant platforms, the live price of the TVK coin is $0.3781 in the last 24 hrs. 
  • The coin has reached the maximum trading volume of $149 447 467 in the last 24 hrs with the increasing price trend of 36.21%.
  • The market ranking of the TVK coin is #241, and it is decided based on the live market cap. The coin’s live market cap is $191 847 610. It has the fully diluted market cap of $436 785 897.16.
  • The Tvk Coin Yorum also confirms that the coin has a total circulating supply of 527 070 892 TVK coins with a maximum supply of 1 200 000 000 TVK.    

How to Buy Tvk Coin?

  • Enroll with any trusted digital wallet and add funds to the wallet
  • Link the wallet to any major exchange and transfer the funds to the exchange
  • Search for the coin using the contract address 0xd084b83c305dafd76ae3e1b4e1f1fe2ecccb3988
  • Enter the number of coins you want to buy 
  • Enter the equivalent amount and click on Swap

These are the steps to buy the coin as mentioned on Tvk Coin Yorum.


Q1. What is the Official Website of Tvk Coin?

A1. is the official link to access the details of the coin.

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use to Buy TVK Coin?

A2. Buyers have to use 0xd084b83c305dafd76ae3e1b4e1f1fe2ecccb3988 as the contract address to buy the coin.

Q3. What is the Market Dominance of TVK Coin?

A3. The coin has a market dominance of 0.01%.  


Terra Virtua Kolect is the innovative ecosystem that offers a robust marketplace for NFT collectors and creators for interactions. The project price has increased up to $2.6 million is the 2nd round of the token sale, as confirmed in the Tvk Coin Yorum.   

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