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Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Video Twitter: When Is It? Info On Instagram, Official Site!

This article will share details about the Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Video Twitter news and When it will be telecasted on his Official Site.

Are you curious to know about the trending Tucker Carlson’s and Putin’s interview? When is this interview scheduled? What is the need for the Tucker Carlson and Putin’s interview? 

We will provide all the required updates for the Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Video Twitter news here. People from the countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia are curious to know more about this interview.

Brief on Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Video Twitter News

A recent interview of Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News channel host, with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, is grabbing the major media platform’s attention. According to the Carlson’s statements, he did this interview as the Americans had every right to know about the war which took place between Ukraine and Russia. Reports also suggest that it’s the first interview with Mr. Vladimir Putin after the war.

Brief on Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Video Twitter News

When Is the Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Scheduled?

The interview between Tucker Carlson and Putin will air at 18:00 EST, which is Thursday. Also, the interview was recorded back on Tuesday itself. This interview will provide a lot of clarity on the Russian and Ukraine war. Also, viewers can find the Tucker Carlson and Putin’s interview on the website. Tucker has also promised viewers to do an unedited live of the interview on Twitter.  

Details on Tucker Carlson Instagram

The famous host, Mr. Tucker Carlson, has more than 3.2M followers on his Instagram platform. Tucker’s Ig profile also shares details on the most controversial interview. His Ig profile stated that the interview between him and Putin would be available on his website. Tucker’s Instagram profile mostly shares details of his professional life. It gives an interview that he held with many celebrities.

Details on Tucker Carlson Instagram

Updates on Official Site  

According to a spokesperson, the meeting between Tucker Carlson and Putin was recorded on Tuesday. However, it will be broadcast sharp at 6 pm EST on the website. Thus, to watch the unedited video clips of Tucker and his interview, keep an eye on Tucker Carlson’s official website.

Who is Tucker Carlson?

Tucker is one of the well-known American TV hosts. However, Tucker suddenly left Fox News Channel and started his website instead. His recent interview is going to be telecasted on Official SiteHe has a considerable influence as an anchor and is relatively straightforward with his views on politics. Tucker never fails to describe his views on political issues and highlights some critical hidden points in the political fields.

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More details on Tucker Carlson’s Interview

Tucker Carlson stated about some crucial facts during the interview. He also discussed the charges faced by Vladimir Putin for the Ukraine and Russian wars. We have already answered When Is the Tucker Carlson Putin Interview going to be broadcasted here. 

Statements of Tucker Carlson regarding the interview

While asked about Tucker Carlson’s experience with the interview, he added that he flew himself to Russia to conduct this interview. He aims to put forward the facts and details of America’s most non-informed conflict. He further added that people must know about war as it has helped a lot to reshape the world. Viewers can also get glimpses of this interview through Tucker Carlson Instagram profile.

Purpose of the Interview with Putin

Through this interview, Tucker Carlson planned to let the world know the truth about the unknown war. Tucker also put forward the continuous efforts of every media member who put their lives at risk to cover the Ukraine and Russian wars.

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Hence, the readers will find every detail of the latest interview here. Also, the Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Video Twitter article shared the details on when this interview will be aired. To learn more about the Tucker Carlson and Putin interview, kindly click on the link here.

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