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Try That in a Small Town Official Video: Why Try That in a Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Find Try That in a Small Town Charts Here!

In the below article, you will get the disclosure of people’s thoughts on Try That in a Small Town Official Video of Jason Aldean.

Have you heard Jason Aldean’s latest country music, “Try That in a Small town?” Why are people passing offensive comments after the release of his music video? People of the United States are offended by the thoughts and the lyrics of the music released by Jason Aldean. The official lyrics video came out in May 2023. 

Recently, after the official music video launch, people are passing out hilarious comments and antinationalist comments on his creativity in the song. If you want to know every detail of Try That in a Small Town Official Video controversy, follow this article.


Inside the Video

In the latest Try That is a small-town official music video, Jason stands in front of a courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee. People on Tiktok are passing out hilarious comments calling Aldean antinationalists and non-vocalist for his nation. Everyone is criticizing him because, according to people, he produced a song defaming his country. 

Additionally, the YouTube video contains multiple clips of massacres that took place in America and Canada, including human riots. People find it offensive, and the lyrics of the video mention that “you can’t do it in a small town or else you’ll see the consequences.” 

Viral On Reddit

The video clips also got viral on Reddit, with people started making memes on the video. People also find the lyrics in the clips offensive and criticize them tremendously. Moreover, people also visited his official Instagram account and shared multiple offensive comments. People dislike the way Aldean showcases the morality of the US. 

People commented on the video that all US citizens are the same, and they do not promote any violence. Replying to which on Twitter Aldean said from the past few hours after releasing my official music video, people are posting hilarious comments. However, he disowned them and said, “he showcased every aspect of his childhood, what he saw in his community and small town.” 

Try That is a small town Video: Social Media Link.



Final Verdict

CMT removed the Try That in a Small Town Charts from the air. People find the video internationalist and defensive against America. After the release, the Aldean video raised a massive controversy, and people were unhappy with his opinion about America.

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Try That in a Small Town Official Video: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Jason Aldean?

He is 46 years old.

Q2 Who wrote Try That in a small town? 

Kurt Allison, Kelly Lovelace, Nile Thrasher, and Tully Kennedy.

Q3 What is the nationality of Jason Aldean?

He is an American

Q4 Can we watch the video on Telegram?

Yes, the video is available on Telegram.

Q5 How many views are there on the latest music video?

Recently he got more than 4 million views.

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