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Truonggasavan .Com: What is TrườNg Gà Savan com? Find Complete Website Details Here!

The crucial facts on Truonggasavan .com are given in this write-up to inform audiences about the site. 

Are you looking for Saavn Chicken School details? The uniqueness of the Chicken School has enticed users from Vietnam and other areas due to the activities it exhibits. The live-streaming sessions of Saavn Chicken School made many people look for its intriguing facts.

People looking for such facts often fear visiting the platforms due to the prevalent fraud and scamming activities. So, know more concerning Truonggasavan .com through this thoroughly searched post below. 

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Is Truonggasavan safe to deal with?

As per the facts accessible, Truonggasavan’s online site has certain factors that its viewers must consider to determine its reliability. However, the absence of Truonggasavan’s reviews on trusted sites indicates a question mark for this cockfighting school.

Here are some factors to help you decide about Truonggasavan’s reliability.

  • Online ranking of Truonggasavan’s website- 58.1/100
  • Trustscore- 62/100
  • Country rank- 83,094 (high by 7,433)
  • Global rank- 3,779,390 (high by 1,014,669)

Although Savan Chicken School has a legal license from the Lao Government, it is similar to operating and performing activities as the Cambodian Chicken Arena. The country has specific regulations and rules for cockfighting that Savan Chicken School abide entirely by.

However, Vietnamese players pay great attention to the Savan arena since the cockfighting regulations in Laos and the Vietnamese region may vary. These cockfighting rules for Truonggasavan .com ensure the cockfighting competition’s integrity, safety, and fairness.

What is Truonggasavan?

Truonggasavan is a web-based network that features live streaming to gain public attention. Its popularity is due to its exhibition of cock fighting. Besides, the fighting arena of Savan Chicken School has gained a reputation in its area. Its popularity is similar to Cambodia cockfights, Thomo cockfights, etc.

Numerous cockers gather her to view cockfighting and how their masters groom them and prepare for the fight. But checking would be fruitful.

Specifications of TrườNg Gà Savan com:

  • Web URL-
  • Website type- Live streaming sessions of Savan Chicken School
  • Update Date- January 3, 2023
  • Expiry date- January 3, 2024
  • Registry date- January 3, 2023

Additional facts about Savan Chicken School or Truonggasavan:

Mr Chau Phong contributed significantly to building a reputation for Truonggasavan, the Savan Chicken School. The cockfighting arena entice cockfighting lovers in a well-known cockfighting playground that appeared in Laos in early 2023 near the Vietnamese border. Mr Phong is well-known for his knowledge and intense passion for care, handling chickens, and the cockfighting market.

He gains professional knowledge concerning living conditions, diet, and breeding of chickens while also understanding about handling diseases and issues that chickens often face. After many years of research and study, he learned to care for and raise chickens.

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Truonggasavan .com: Stream charts

The Twitch statistics of Truonggasavan in the past months are as follows:

  • March 18, 2023- 01:45
  • March 15, 2023- 07:40
  • March 15, 2023- 08:20

However, checking Truonggasavan’s online platform’s reality would greatly benefit to avoid getting tricked.

Which rules should cockfighters abide by?

Some rules of TrườNg Gà Savan com that cock fighters must abide by are the following:

  • Chicken entry to the coop
  • Competition time
  • Game rules
  • Punishment during competition
  • Rest between lakes

Also, check Truonggasavan’s site’s authenticity to determine if the live streaming of cockfighting is worth the time and price.  

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Truonggasavan’s online platform, Savan Chicken School, has gained much public interest due to the intriguing cock fighting it holds. Although the school is licensed, careful examinations of cockfighting regulations may help you succeed in the long run.

Did you watch the live streaming of cockfighting on Truonggasavan’s online platform? Share if you are a cockfighting lover.

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