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Trout For Clout 4chan Video: Explore Full Details On Original Video Of Lady with Trout From Twitter

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About the Trout Video

The trout video is about a woman who used a trout for inappropriate activities. The lady was also known as Tassie Trout Lady. An Australian couple in Tasmania filmed her act. The couple filmed the video for entertainment purposes. The woman who used the Trout for an unethical purpose wore a baseball cap. People are trying to watch the video discussed by anons on the 4chan board. Although some have watched the video, others have not been able to watch Trout Video Full Video as it was removed from the platform.

Who Has Uploaded the Video?

A Twitter user uploaded a trimmed video. The Twitter account is No2ofTheBLB. The video was of a woman who was wearing a baseball cap. Later the video spread to the Reddit platform using the title Using a Trout for Clout. Later the video was removed from Reddit, stating that the video was related to animal assault which is against the guidelines. Such an act is considered illegal in most countries.

Trout Lady Video Original

The lady who used Trout for an inappropriate purpose is known as Trout Lady. An Australian news outlet published about the couple filming the video in a cemetery. The video was covered by writing disgraceful footage. The grave where the couple was involved in the act was of a Tasmanian artist David Hammond. As per the news report, Tasmanian police are investigating the video. They are still not sure about the happening of the act in the Tasmanian grave. A spokesperson of the police department said that there is no formal report with the Tasmanian police regarding Lady with Trout Video. They are still determining whether the matter happened in Tasmania or not.


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Using A Trout

After the video in the cemetery became viral, a video of using a Trout was also made public. The people criticized the lady for using a Trout for an inappropriate act. They have questioned the animal assault. When the video was made public on social media platforms, it was removed instantly and criticized those involved in creating it. The news was published in many Australian newspapers and channels. The video was discussed widely on various platforms. Trout for Clout Twitter also became viral on Twitter, and users are re-twitting this video. Some have criticized the video, and some other users have asked for more details about the video.


The activities done by a lady and an Australian couple have been discussed widely. Many people criticize their acts. Police are also investigating the matter. To know more, please visit the link 

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Trout for Clout 4chan Video-FAQs

Q1. Where was the video filmed?

In Tasmania.

Q2. What animal was used in the video?

A trout.

Q3. Where did the video become viral?

On Twitter and Reddit.

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