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[Watch Video] Tristan Sherry Age And Wikipedia: What Was The Twitter Video? How Old Was Suspected Gunman?

How old was suspected gunman who is linked with Dublin shooting case? Know Tristan Sherry age and Wikipedia details, along with his trending Twitter video.

Did you celebrate Christmas Eve fantastically with your family? Have you heard of the Christmas shooting incident that happened in the Dublin region, which shocked the Ireland, United Kingdom countries a lot?

In a family restaurant, a brutal shooting and knife-stabbing incident happened, and the victim and the culprit information are trending with many mysteries. That’s why, in this article, we have decided to speak about Tristan Sherry Age and Wikipedia details truthfully.

About Tristan Sherry Age and Wikipedia

On December 24, 2023, on the eve of Christmas, a shooting incident happened at Browne’s Steakhouse, located in Blanchardstown in the West Dublin region. In that shooting incident, one man died, and another was injured so severely. The person who shot these two people was Tristan Sherry.

And that’s why his name is trending all over the Dublin region. In addition to that, after he shot the people, even Tristan was stabbed to death. 

So, let us see the details of the person behind the Tristan Sherry Twitter Video. Tristan’s age was around 25 to 26; he belonged to the Finglas suburban region. Marey Hand is the mother of Tristen. She has posted the obituary details of Tristan on the GoFundMe page to raise funds for his ceremonial services. 

In those obituary posts, she also mentioned Tristen as a good son, brother, and father. Thus, it clearly shows that Tristen was a married man and had a child as well.

About Tristan Sherry Age and Wikipedia

Tristan Sherry Twitter Video

There is a clip trending on Twitter, and that is after Tristan shot down a couple of people. Some unknown people attacked him and beat him on the floor. In addition to that, the attackers stabbed him 27 times in the body. 

All these scenes were recorded and uploaded to the internet. Currently, we can’t see the original, uncensored version of that stabbing video on Twitter because of all those scenes.

Tristan Sherry Twitter Video

How Old Was Suspected Gunman?

The suspected gunman in the shooting incident was Tristan Sherry. And Tristen Sherry’s original age is not known to anyone. However, according to his autopsy results and obituary information, the age of the suspected gunman is around 25 to 26. Moreover, he was also a married man with a child.

After hearing the age of Tristen, everyone was shocked because he literally ruined his life on his own. That’s why the keyword How Old Was Suspected Gunman? It is trending all over the internet.

Why did Tristan Sherry shoot those two men?

On Christmas Eve, the Browne Steakhouse witnessed the horrific shooting and stabbing incident. And the reason for shooting them is because of the fight over drug cartel groups. Tristan was ordered to shoot those men who belonged to different groups, and he did as per the orders. However, the identity of the attackers who stabbed Tristan is unknown.

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Ripple effects of the shooting incident

The Dublin police analysed Tristan Sherry Age and Wikipedia details, his history of crime rates, and the country’s Justice Minister, Helen McEntee, expressed his deep concern for the shooting incident and ordered the police officials to arrest the culprits as early as possible. Because until now, no one has been arrested regarding this case.

Availability of the video

Tristan Sherry Twitter Video cannot be seen anywhere on the internet. Neither the shooting nor stabbing video is available because the video content is full of bloodshed, beatings, and stabbing, so it is unsuitable for anyone watching that horrific video. Thus, the cyber cell of Dublin put all its efforts into eradicating that video from the internet.

Still, some Twitter pages claim to release the full, uncensored video, but everything is a pure lie. If we click those links, none of them will work. So, if you want to know about Tristan Sherry Age and Wikipedia, shooting videos, kindly don’t fall for bogus social media pages.


Thereby, we have explained more details about the person, Tristan Sherry. If we see the inside story of this shooting incident, Tristan was also a victim because he was brutally killed by being stabbed 27 times. Even though he was also a criminal who shot two people, he also deserves some dignity, so we urge people not to watch his leaked video or any fake Tristan Sherry Age and Wikipedia details online.

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Disclaimer: This article deals with shooting and stabbing news.

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