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Trenton Lehrkamp Video: Check What Is In The Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

In this post, we have discussed what is there in Trenton Lehrkamp Video, what happened to him, and what actions have been taken till now.

Who is Trenton Lehrkamp about whom people are talking? What happened to him? Have you heard the news of a guy whose mates have tortured him?

The mass outrage of people demanding justice for Trent Lehrkamp is trending on the internet. As the video became viral on the internet, people across the United States gathered outside the hospital to show their support and demand justice for him. Let us read further details on Trenton Lehrkamp Video in the post below.


What happened to Trenton Lehrkamp?

What happened to Trenton Lehrkamp

According to reports, Trenton Lehrkamp, a Glynn Academy High School student in Brunswick, Georgia, was hospitalised in critical condition after the bullying incident. On March 21st, he was admitted to Southeast Georgia Health Center after he was tortured by a few other boys.


The report is from an online news source based on a ten-second video clip and one image. It is said that the video was taken during the previous incident, but whatever it is, we do not support any form of violence through our writing.

What is Viral On Reddit about Trent Lehrkamp?

A ten-second video clip shows a boy sitting on a chair with his head down, and one guy is pouring water on him through a hose. While we can see other people standing behind him in the video, no one does anything to save him. Also, one of them said on camera that “this is perfect!”

After many online users saw this video, it gathered widespread attention and outrage. However, according to the interview with Lehrkamp, he said the viral Twitter video was of a previous incident.

Another photo of a guy was shared on social media. It shows an unconscious guy sitting on a chair, covered in spray paint from top to bottom. His head slouched to one side and is covered in objects and substances. The image also shows three to four boys posing with their middle fingers flipped in the background.

Where was the investigation reached in this case?

From the hospital, Police got information that three juveniles brought Trent there on Tuesday, registered their names, and left. There were no physical injuries, but spray paint was on him, as seen in the Instagram photo.

On Wednesday, 22nd March, officials searched Saint Simons Island. On Sunday, an interview with Trent revealed the video was from a previous incident. On Monday, Glynn PD said the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) have conducted interviews and recorded statements of people involved in this case.

Till today, no arrests have been made. At present, Trent’s condition is stable. Many supporters gathered outside the hospital on Monday after a viral Tiktok video to show their support that he is not alone in this fight. 


A reported incident of bullying which Police are investigating has drawn attention because a 19 years old Trent Lehrkamp was brought to the hospital in critical condition. It allegedly involved a high intoxication from a mixture of controlled substances, urination, and other misbehaviours. He is now in stable condition. You can watch complete news on Lehrkamp here.

Do you want to stop violence of any kind around you? Raise your voice, report, act against it, and do not let it repeat to anyone. Comment your thoughts below.

Trenton Lehrkamp Video- FAQs

Q1. Who is Trent Lehrkamp?

Trent Lehrkamp is a 19-year-old Glynn Academy High School student in Brunswick, Georgia.

Q2. What happened to him?

He has been hospitalised in critical condition after a bullying incident.

Q3. How is health now?

He is now in ICU, but his condition is stable now as compared to when he was brought there.

Q4. What did the viral video show?

The viral social media video on Telegram shows a guy tortured by a group of boys. 

Q5. What do investigative officers have to say in this case?

The Police have identified people in the video and recorded their statements. However, no arrest has been made yet in the Lehrkamp case.

Q6. What are people saying about this incident?

People show their anger against such incidents through social media like Youtube. Many worried that this could happen to their kids in future if this all had not been stopped.

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