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Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam: Find All the Trending Factors & News Here!

In this article, you will find about Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam. Get all the information about the scam to avoid losing your money.

Are you a user of Trend Micro LLC Company? Do you receive a PayPal notification on your mail account? What is the Trend Micro PayPal Fraud? Recently, many people from the United States are receiving a people alert on their devices.

People receive these spontaneous emails from scammers in the name of Trends Micro Company. Multiple users store their data and essential files on the Trend Micro cloud software. So people are worried after knowing about Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam and want to know how to get rid of this fraud.


About the scam

There are multiple complaints reported about the Trend Micro Company PayPal email. People complain that they get an alert to pay their membership for Trend Micro. The message seems realistic and generated from the PayPal platform so that people can quickly get in traps.

When a company finds out about the emails and fraud alerts of payment. Trend Micro gave out a notice regarding the fraud emails and awareness reports. The company also attached multiple pictures of the fraud alerts that people receive in their emails.

Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam message info

The fake alert begins with a PayPal notification in the mail. Then, the scammers claim that they are employees of Trend Micro LLC and deliver a message that you must pay $499.99 to Trend Micro.

Additionally, they force people to make this payment within 24 hours to avoid any penalty or disconnection from Trend Micro subscriptions. You will also receive a customer care contact number redirecting to the scammers. Finally, at the end of the mail template, you can pay the amount directly from the mail.

How do people get into the trap of Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam?

Generally, people pay the amount directly without verifying the email. If any victim gets conscious about the payment, they call customer care. Scammers demand various access to their devices to remove this alert.

Sometimes scammers also ask the victim to download software that allows the administrator permission to access their system. Then, with the help of Administration access, they can reach out to the victim’s credit card and bank accounts. Additionally, we will receive a payment alert on your PayPal account of the same Trend Micro Company by scammers to verify the fraud mail as authentic.

How to avoid Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam?

Initially, you can verify the payment mail from the official website of Trend Micro by forwarding the mail to the company’s website tmsupport@ You can also check out the scammers alert on this image given in the article to see the reference to fraud alerts.

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Final verdict

People are receiving fraud alerts from Trend Micro LLC Company. There are many victims of this Paypal scam who got caught. Suppose you receive a payment alert from the Trend Micro Company. Please verify the email and source before making any payment.

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Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam: FAQs

Q1 Who is the CEO of Trend Micro LLC?

Eva Chen.

Q2 Is Trend Micro LLC legit aur fake?

Trend Micro is a legit platform.

Q3 Why are scammers using the brand name of Trend Micro LLC?

Scammers are using established brands to fraud people via PayPal notifications.

Q4 Do we also receive any notification on the PayPal app regarding the payment?

Scammers notify you on your PayPal app if you give your contact information.

Q5 Where do people generally receive Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam alerts?

The scammer generally sends the fraud message to the email ID of the victims.

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