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Treadmill Write For Us – Read And Follow Guidelines!

Know the complete guidelines for Treadmill Write for Us posts to share your expertise and knowledge about Treadmill.

Did you know that in space stations, Treadmills are installed as there is no outdoor activity? Similarly, civilians use Treadmill for walking, jogging, running, climbing, testing certain medical conditions including heart rate, blood pressure, and even for exercising pets. Different types of Treadmills include manual, automatic, and Omnidirectional. You may have understood the scope of the topic.

So, please share your knowledge through Treadmill Write for Us posts. Let’s check its guidelines.

About Rationalinsurgent.com:

Rationalinsurgent is on a mission to provide honest, factual, and unbiased details related to trending topics, news, reviews, etc.

We also cover health topics, and our readers are interested to know everything about Treadmills. So, are you excited to write a post on the Treadmill?

Skill sets of a writer:

 The writer should have superior written communication, independent research, and analytical skills.

Qualifications of a writer:

We do not require you to hold any specific certification related to Treadmills. Youcan share your experience in Write for Us + Treadmill posts. Additionally, experience as a physical coach is valuable.

General guidelines:

  • The write-up should focus on Treadmill related topics only. 
  • Include a reference link to the original information, two non-copyrighted pictures, an introduction, a conclusion, and FAQ section.
  • The article must be between 1,000-1,500 words.

SEO norms:

  • The write-up must NOT contain offensive content and words, plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, redundancy, repetitive information, (or) advertisement links.
  • The content must be organized using headings, subheads, and bullet points.
  • The Treadmill article should have one do-follow-up link, factual details and numbers, and high readability score.
  • The Write for Us Treadmill content should be in active voice.
  • Keywords must be placed at the correct density and consistency.


  • All about the latest omnidirectional Treadmill,
  • Cardiac stress test using Treadmill,
  • Bicycle riding on a Treadmill,
  • Hamster wheel Treadmill,
  • Treadmill with vibration isolation stabilization at international space stations,
  • Anti-gravity Treadmill,
  • Endless slope Treadmill,
  • Underwater Treadmill,
  • Treadmill belt maintenance,
  • Lubrication,
  • Alignment,
  • Tension maintenance,
  • Placement of Treadmill,
  • Cleaning and maintenance,
  • Pros and cons of Treadmill,
  • Treadmill vs other exercise equipment,
  • Manual Treadmill,
  • Electrical Treadmill and its horsepower,
  • Correct time and procedure to exercise on Treadmill to be mentioned in “Write for Us” + Treadmill posts,
  • Mechanisms and features of various Treadmills,
  • Heavy duty gym TreadmillvsTreadmill for households,
  • Treadmill buying guide, etc.

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Advantages of writing for us:

  • Our platform helps your article to get more views,
  • The platform is a beginning resource for new opportunities,
  • Rationalinsurgent helps you to expand your customer relationship, network, and internet presence.

Submitting guest posts:

  • You can submit your articles at team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com.
  • Our editorial team reserves the right to edit (or) delete any unrequired content from your write-up.


As a writer for Treadmill posts, you must be well aware of the safety precautions to be specified in Treadmill Write for Us posts. Once your Treadmill write-up is approved, you cannot submit the same to any other websites (or) platforms. We will inform you before publishing your Treadmill write-up.

Were Treadmill guest post writing guidelines informative? Please comment below about writing Treadmill guest posts.

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